CREEPY, CREEPY, CREEPY: Woman on Tinder poses as fake doctor to send spam to men

by jovan1984

Creepy Nicole.

June may be dubbed as Men’s Health Month by the gatekeepers in the media, but men on Tinder are harassed by a creepy woman named Nicole who poses as a doctor just to spam them about getting checkups.

Below is a message one male user of the dating site received from the “nurse” named Nicole.

Insta-block if Nicole sent me such messages.

Keep in mind, I have called out men before both on here and on The Frisky over creepy comments they have sent to women on Tinder and other dating sites.

So now, ladies, it is your turn to get the wrath.

The surest way to get blocked and removed from consideration for dating many of us is to send creepy messages to us like what Nicole is doing.  We do not give a fuck if it is for a good cause, as Tara Culp-Ressler attempted to do in excusing the creepy messages on the Think Progress site.

We know that you would not be ok with creepy messages from us, and you have used the power of social media to make that known.  Guess what, ladies?  To your surprise, we are not ok with creepy messages from you, either!

We found out overnight that two men could be behind the creation of Nicole: Vince Mak and Colby Spear.

You read that right: two men using a woman to pose as a fake doctor to send creepy messages to men about getting checkups.

You wanna know who else does creepy things under the guise of “promoting health”?  The dudebros from Simple Pickup (they motorboated women in October to “raise” funds for breast cancer awareness).

There are better ways to remind men of getting to their doctors.

  1. If he has ever been a victim of domestic abuse by his wife or girlfriend, persuade the man to visit a doctor or go to the ER.  The injuries may be more serious than you think.  Female violence is one of the leading cause of injury to men born after this date in 1959, and physical violence to the hands of a woman/women has caused more men to visit to the doctor/hospital than prostate cancer.  So, while it is a good thing to go to the doctor to get a prostate exam, if Mr. Mak and Mr. Spear wanted to make a woman to send important messages to men, their time would have been much more wisely spent creating a woman on Tinder to warn men of the red flags of abusive women, since female-on-male intimate partner violence is the fastest growing crime against men in the States and is the fastest growing cause of medical visits by men in the States as well.
  2. Remind him to go to the doctor to get the prostate examination.  Don’t do this over the web or on the first date, though, unless you actually know the man personally and you private message him.  The first criteria — knowing him personally — must be met before telling him in a social media message.  If you are a cis woman on the first date with a man and you do not know him, do not ask questions about his health during the date.  Visit those questions at another outing together, such as a second date.

Another way Mr. Mak and Mr. Spear could have made much better use of their time?  By actually going on YouTube or the adult equivalents of YouTube themselves to create a video about men’s health and submitting their ad for airtime on Spike Television, the Fox family of stations (including Fox News and Fox Sports 1), ABC, the NBC family of networks (including MSNBC and NBC Sports Network), CNN, the CBS family of networks, Investigation Discovery and the ESPN family of networks.

Sorry, I’m not about to excuse being creepy just because it is for a good cause.  Not this month or any other.

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