#BlacklistMyrtleBeach: Un-American, gymnophobic Myrtle Beach cops start illegal arrests in 2014

by jovan1984

Seven people illegally arrested by Myrtle Beach Police Office

MYRTLE BEACH — The gymnophobic cops of the Myrtle Beach Police Office are at it again with their illegal arrests and it is way past time we send the message by nationally blacklisting the entire city.

On Tuesday at 2:30, the MBPO illegally arrested and unlawfully imprisoned seven students who were having harmless fun on the beach.

The deputy that made the illegal arrest heard them diving into the Atlantic Ocean near NORTH 74th AVE.  As a courtesy, the students did get dressed at the presence of the deputy, although they did not have to under the federal laws that trump municipal law on nudity.

This is the kind of shit right here as to why I am issuing a call for action and protest, globally, against this gymnophobic Myrtle Beach city government.  No shopping there.  No stopping there, not even for gas.  We as American citizens need to take economic responsibility, take back our civil rights and financially cripple the City of Myrtle Beach until the bans on nudity are gone!

WMBF 32 News

Charlotte-Mecklenburg investigate indecent exposure at Carolina Place Mall

PINEVILLE, N.C. — Unlike the previous story, which there was no harm done due to the fact that the nudity was not intended to arouse or stimulate (above the fold), this story here is a clear cut case of indecent exposure.

An overweight man in his 30s pulled down his bottoms in front of an 18-year-old soon-to-be high school graduate.  The victim worked at one of the stores in the Carolina Place Mall for two years.

She txted her mother about what happened at noon Tuesday and then called her manager and 911.  The man is usually shopping with a family member.  This time, though, he was alone.

Carolina Place Mall has not commented on this as video has been turned over to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.  The victim’s mother and others commented.

“I was shaking all over, I was crying,” said the victim’s mother.

“He said he had to tell her a secret, and that’s when he offered her money for her to do things for him. When she told him no, that’s when he got close to her and exposed himself to her.”

“I wouldn’t make a call to anyone.  I’d make sure he was taken care of,” said Kathy Edington, who said that she would have dealth with the man herself.

Pineville Police still have not identified the man, however.

WSOC-HD 9 Eyewitness News

Dougherty County teacher appeals dismissal on kiddie porn charges

ALBANY, Ga. — A Dougherty County teacher who was ousted after he was charged with kiddie porn possession is appealing his firing.

Brian Brannen was arrested in before spring break and now faces two dozen counts of child pornography.

The Dougherty County School Board has re-scheduled the hearing for Mr. Brannen for Thursday afternoon.

Mr. Brannen has been a teacher in the Dougherty County School System since at least 2007.

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