Man murders ex-wife’s boss at restaurant, kidnaps her, then murders her and commits suicide

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Man guns down wife, victim’s boss, in domestic violence double murder-suicide

LAVONIA, Ga. — A man gunned down his ex-wife and her boss before committing suicide this weekend in Upstate Georgia.

The Hart County Sheriff’s Department said that the suspect busted inside the restaurant shortly after it parted for the night on Saturday.

Sheriff Mike Cleveland of Hart County said that the suspect, Sammy, was armed (legally) and began littering the business with bullets.

“There were a lot of shots fired in there,” said Sheriff Cleveland.

Frohmuller’s Grill’s owner, the domestic violence victim’s boss, was caught in the crossfire and hit.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.

“We’re not sure if Mr. Forkin was just a bystander or if he was targeted by [redacted],” said Sheriff Cleveland.

Sammy then looked for one employee in particular.  His ex-wife.  The others fled to safety.  She wasn’t so fortunate.

Sammy kidnapped the woman he was formerly married to and took her from Hart County to Franklin County to a place that both knew.  One that was burned down.

Sammy had a history of being possessive and extremely jealous of Lori, long after their marriage imploded, according to Sheriff Cleveland.

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Coach from Charlotte kicked off USA Swimming permanently after sexual assault arrest

CHARLOTTE — A 54-year-old man will never again be able to coach or own a swimming team after his arrest for sexual assault.

Jamie Thomas, 54, was arrested in central Alabama on September 18, 2013 for sexual assault on a minor.  The USA Swimming board initially suspended him indefinitely.

He was the owner and coach of New South Swimming, a swimming club in Charlotte.

USA Swimming voted today to permanently kick him out of the USA Swimming club, noting that the alleged sexual assault violated USA Swimming’s code of conduct.

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Ga. Woman missing in Orangeburg

ORANGEBURG — A woman who was discharged from the Regional Medical Center is missing today.

The Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Department is looking for Alesa Dell Robb, 54, of Monroe, Ga., who was last seen being released from the Regional Medical Center this morning.

Sheriff Leroy Ravenell noted that she was involved in a crash earlier that morning in the county and that his officers found her belongings near the Regional Medical Center.

“Robb is a white female, 54-years-old, brown hair, blue eyes, 5’7″, 205 lbs., and she wears glasses,” Ravenell said.”She was last seen wearing a red shirt with dark stripes,  dark pants with a light colored trim.”

Call the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Department at 803-534-3550.

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