Nudists replace DiEldorado, vows to fire proponents of nudity ban in International Women’s Day protest

by jovan1984

SAN FRANCISCO — After about a year and a third, the nudists say that they are ready to go forward with a lawsuit against the city and county over its constitution-violating nudity ban.

First, though, they had to cut Christina DiEldorado after they disagreed on the direction of the lawsuits.

During the event on Saturday, Gypsy Taub told the world of one of the reasons why we don’t like to wear clothes:

“Almost every piece of clothing sold in stores today is made to emphasize one area of a woman’s body. Women are commonly treated as sex objects and at the same time are subjected to severe body shame. They are both admired and hated for their sexual powers. We need to end the war against women.”

San Francisco County’s ordinance bans all forms of nudity — except for breastfeeding and female toplessness.  Unlike most other ordinances (all of which are also unconstitutional), this ordinance has absolutely no exceptions for parades, events, doctor offices, YMCAs, bathing or protests.

Bans on public nudity are unconstitutional and violate the 14th amendment in all 50 states (pending likely passage of a breastfeeding bill currently making the rounds in West Virginia’s legislature), and such bans violate the Equal Rights Amendment in 36 states.

While there is a little bit of ambiguity with the language in the 14th Amendment (however, no ambiguity when it comes to nudity), that’s not the case with the Equal Rights Amendment:

Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.

If this amendment is ratified, bans on public nudity go bye-bye immediately after ratification (although the amendment itself doesn’t take effect for another two years), since a man’s right to be nude in public are being abridged in 48 of the 50 states, and the language of the ERA makes absolutely no distinction between women-identified people and men-identified people.

And since most States (including California, Georgia and the Carolinas) have also usurped authority from municipalities, the ERA would also apply to every town, city and county in every State with a Home Rule Act.

Because California has both an ERA and a Home Rule Act, the nudists are suing San Francisco for discrimination and for violation of the First Amendment rights in being denied proper event permits.

“Our society is tragically out of balance — and as the women suffer, so do we all,” said Mrs. Taub.  “Our society also lashes out against men who favor their feminine side, who are softer, gentler and more compassionate and are not the macho stereotype that is glorified on every billboard. Our society devalues the feminine while glorifying violence, war and oppression.”

George Davis, who is running in District 8 against the most unpopular person in the Bay Area — Scott Weiner, gave the world the reasons why he wants to rid the county of one of the worst politicians in America today.

Public support for the nudity ban authored by Mr. Weiner has plummeted significantly.  In fact, bans on public nudity is the third-least popular thing in America today.  Only the US House of Representatives and the US Senate fare worse than bans on public nudity.  Approval of these things are below 30%.

Mr. Davis noted that the seat he is running for and Weiner currently holds was once held by the late Harvey Milk, and he blistered Weiner for disrespecting the wishes of Mr. Milk and San Franciscans.

“I want you to have the right to be nude, just like I want you to have the right to be a Christian,” said Mr. Davis.

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