Former Williston-Elko High School teacher accused of rape resigns from positions at South Aiken

by jovan1984

AIKEN — A former Williston-Elko High School teacher arrested in December for rape has resigned from his positions at South Aiken High School, where the incident occurred.

Paul Michael Waters submitted his resignations at South Aiken High School on Thursday.  He faces five counts of criminal sexual conduct.

Although the age of consent is 16 in the state, they are allowed to ban sexual relationships between people in any profession who are in positions authority and subordinates (such as teacher-student and mental health counselor-patient) until the subordinate party is 18 years of age or older, per federal law.

“For right now what we know is the alleged incidents took place began sometime around September and they involved on school property and off-school property,” said Aiken Department of Public Safety Deputy Jeremy Hembree.

“16 is the age of consent as a minor to where you become an adult.  However anytime a student-teacher relationship involved, it takes on a different meaning to where you have to determine age and the official duties of that person in their capacity as a teach or a faculty member.”

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Sumter County teacher faces new rape charge

SUMTER — A Chestnut Oaks Middle School teacher already facing two charges of raping boys has now been charged with raping a third Sumter male pupil.

Elizabeth Moss, 31, was rearrested by the Sumter County Sheriff’s Department after the third charge was filed.  She returned to the Sumter-Lee Jail.

Moss was just released on $150,000.00 bond on Friday.  Given the serious nature of the charge, the bond she posted may be revoked.

One of those messages, according to the incident report, said Moss instructed the pupil to come to her classroom during fourth period, which was her planning period.  Moss allegedly then told the pupil to say he was coming to her classroom for extra work to improve his grades.

Her attorney, Rose Mary Parham, engaged in victim-blaming in court last week. Ms. Parham said the allegations were “revenge for Moss disciplining her students”.

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Woman wanted for robbery tries to murder male employee of business she robbed

GREENVILLE — A woman is wanted by the Greenville Police Office for robbing Dillard’s and attempting to murder one of the retailer’s male employees while in the act of escaping.

Deputies with the Greenville Police Office have already cut arrest warrants for Rosa Aguilera, 32, for attempted murder and shoplifting.

A male Dillard’s employee saw Ms. Aguilera put clothes in a Belk’s bag then leave without paying. He then ran after her into the parking garage and when he spotted Aguilera, he waved at her to stop but she accelerated towards him, hitting him in the leg with her car, the warrants stated.

Deputies said the victim was thrown onto the hood of the car and Ms. Aguilera was able to get away.

Because of the aggravating circumstances that occurred, the Greenville Police Office decided to cut another warrant for attempted murder.

Ms/ Aguilera is believed to be driving a black 2000 Volkswagen Beetle with tag JAQ888, Bragg said.

Anyone with information about Ms. Aguilera’s whereabouts is asked to call the Greenville Police Office or Crime Stoppers at 864-23-CRIME.

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