Nudists brutally assaulted by thugs with badges before being ILLEGALLY arrested

by jovan1984

Nudists brutally assaulted by thugs with badges before being illegally arrested during protest of unconstitutional nudity ban


SAN FRANCISCO — Saturday was the one-year anniversary of the unconstitutional nudity ban that was put in place by the violent mob at San Francisco City Hall.

Now, the violent mob sicced their thugs with badges on the nudists protesting this unjust law.

This was the incident report, captured first hand from the group of peaceful protesters, who were brutally assaulted by the violent San Francisco Police Mafia in a totally unprovoked manner.  All of this will be kept above the fold.

Yesterday’s rally in San Francisco against “Wiener’s Law” was halted midway by a police attack on several of the participants.

The event was a rally to protest San Francisco’s law against public nudity — a law now in place for one year.

There have been a number of such rallies during this past year, many of them punctuated by illegal police actions and violations of the U.S. Constitution by city authorities.

But yesterday’s event was the first in which police officers began acting like thugs and violently assaulted a participant.

The rally took place in Jane Warner Plaza in the Castro District.

It began with a political speech by George Davis, who provided the crowd with some interesting information about how Supervisor Scott Wiener (the author of the anti-nudity law) was elected in 2010 with the help of a $200,000 political donation by a Southern California real estate tycoon, and how Wiener, after being elected, began pushing legislation to overturn rent control laws and environmental restrictions affecting real estate developments.

During his speech George removed his cover-up garment to assert his Constitutional right to freedom of political expression — i.e., nudity as part of a political campaign centered on the issue of nudity itself. Several other participants did the same.

The police then interrupted the rally to say that the activists had five minutes to cover up.

The next speech was mine.
(I’ve posted the text of this speech in the Files section of this group. It’s called “Why freedom?” .)

In the middle of my speech the police strong-armed their way through the crowd and violently wrestled one of the nude participants, Gamelia Numu, to the ground.

Two officers kneed him in the back while two others held him down.

Yelling in pain, Numu was handcuffed, pulled to his feet and marched to a waiting police van. George Davis was also handcuffed and led away.

[ I was told that Gypsy Taub and Jaymz Smith were also arrested.]

This shocking display of violence and illegal police behavior ended the rally.

One observer told me that Numu had resisted arrest, and that the police were therefore justified in assaulting him.

This viewpoint ignores the fact that Wiener’s Law does not permit an arrest — a violation [ “infraction”] has the same status as a parking violation, not a criminal offense.

The police do not have the authority to make an arrest, only to issue a citation.

Therefore, Numu was not resisting arrest, and the police had no basis even for touching him, let alone assaulting him.

If there is a silver lining to this disgusting incident, it is that the corrupt thugs who currently dominate the San Francisco’s city government have just supplied us with the strongest ammunition yet to use against them in federal court when our lawsuit to overturn Wiener’s Law comes to trial.

Emphasis mine, in bold.

Indeed.  Another reason to boycott San Francisco.  Do not shop there.  Do not stop there.  Time to financially cripple this city at all costs.


Man who murdered Sandy Rogers to remain imprisoned for life after plea

AIKEN — An Aiken man who murdered two women — one of whom was Master Corporal Sandy Rogers — just hours apart over 24 months ago has pleaded guilty but mentally ill.

“It’s bittersweet, to a certain extent, but the bottom line is we know this individual will never be outside of a prison again,” said SLED Chief Mark Keel about Joshua Jones, after the sentence was handed down.

The Rogers family said that they could not gamble on taking him to trial, even though they don’t agree with the sentence.

“I think he knows how to play the game and he convinced the ones he needed to that he’s insane, so we had to play the cards we were dealt,” said Jenny Johnson, the surviving sister of Deputy Rogers.

Mr. Jones chose not to address the court after his plea and before his sentence.
Ms. Johnson said that is the way it supposed to be.

“He has nothing I want to hear, to me. To a human being, he’s just a body.”

The Aiken Department of Public Safety issued this statement after the sentencing:

“We are grateful for the support that we received, and continue to receive, from our community. We applaud the professionalism, dedication, and hard work of the Second Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office, The State Law Enforcement Division, and all the officers and individuals involved in the investigation, arrest, detention, and prosecution of this case.”

Deputy Rogers was the first woman killed in the line of duty in both Aiken County’s and South Carolina’s history.  Mr. Jones is also charged with murdering his young pregnant girlfriend on the other side of the Savannah River.  No trial date has been set for that case.

Man murders wife in Greenville County

PELZER — A Greenville County man is jailed after murdering his wife last week.
Greenville County Sheriff’s officers got the call about a shooting on Wednesday night just after 22:00.  The officers arrived as quick as they could, but the 51-year-old victim didn’t make it.  She was dead before they arrived.
John Sledge fled the home before the men in blue arrived.  However, the Greenville County Sheriff’s officers apprehended him a short time later.
Officers said that the couple were fighting, and the fight quickly turned physical.
Mr. Sledge, 46, was arrested and charged with murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.
Mr. Sledge appeared in court on Thursday for a bond hearing, but it is unknown whether he was granted or denied bond.
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