Kimberly Curry, Hillary Van Akin & Beth Solscheid want special rights for themselves and to legally discriminate against nudists in Spokane

by jovan1984

Gymnophobic moms Kimberly Curry, Hillary Van Akin and Beth Solscheid consider this a bigger problem than letting their kids watch violent content and play violent video games.

SPOKANE, WA — Kimberly Curry, Hillary Van Akin and Beth Solscheid — the hypocritical prudish mothers who want special rights for themselves and the legal right to blatantly discriminate against nudists and naturists — spoke in front of the Spokane City Hall on Monday.

The three want to outlaw nudity anywhere in the city, even inside the bathtub and the shower, and even inside privacy of one’s own home.

After the meeting, five council members unexpectedly told the gymnophobic moms to collect signatures, which could now end up being an uphill battle given the national exposure this story is getting from intersectional feminist and naturist blogs.

“I feel like what I expose my children to should never be out of my control,” said Ms. Curry, who has three children ages 3, 5 and 7.

Nudity is not a problem.  Ms. Curry’s intolerant behavior is.  Ms. Curry is teaching her children that they should be ashamed of their own bodies and should be ashamed of themselves.
Obviously, Ms. Curry sees a harmless penis, vagina and topless breast as a bigger problem than gang violence.  It is not public nudity that is the problem here.  Rather, Ms. Curry — along with Ms. Van Akin, Ms. Solscheid and Sarah Birnel — are the problem.
Public nudity has never harmed anyone.  Violent content and gun violence has.  I’m sure that each of these three mothers have breastfed their children.  That means it is time for these four uncouth, uncivilized women to get over themselves and accept the fact that nudity is natural and clothing is very unnatural.