Robin Herndon denied bond for manslaughter

by jovan1984

NORTH AUGUSTA — Robin Herndon was arrested on Thursday for killing her friend with benefits during a domestic dispute.  We are now learning new details of what led the now-former parole officer to kill the man she was so in love with.

Teddy Kulmala, the Aiken Standard‘s crime reporter and a Williston-Elko alum, reports that Ms. Herndon was an agent with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED).  Other reports say that she was also an officer with the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Department prior to the job she had up until Thursday.

WJBF-DT is the only station reporting that Ms. Herndon and the victim were boyfriend and girlfriend, other Aiken-Augusta media outlets are reporting that they were platonic friends.  Because the accuracy of such reports are so confusing, I’ve decided to put their relationship as “friends with benefits” until a definitive definition of their relationship is actually verified by all local media outlets.

A female neighbor of Ms. Herndon and the victim called the Aiken County Sheriff’s Department and told its operator that she was doing outdoor work when the domestic violence shooting occurred.

“They was fighting. I heard a gunshot,” she said. During the call, a woman can be heard screaming in the background.

She also said that the victim “does not look good” and is losing color.  She also told the victim to not stand up on numerous occasions.

“They came home, they were fighting,” she said. “I was in the backyard working and then I heard a gunshot. … They were fighting, yelling. She was asking him to leave.”

The caller goes on to say that Ms. Herndon was applying pressure to the victim’s wound.  The operator asks multiple times where the gun is but the caller keeps saying she doesn’t know.

“On the floor somewhere. She is trying to apply pressure,” she said. “He’s passing out. He’s not moving.”

A second neighbor called 911 shortly after the first call came in.

“I seen a man and a woman arguing outside,” she tells the operator. “They walked up on the porch, and then I just heard one gunshot, and then I heard the lady scream.”

The caller said the woman walked into the home and the man followed.

“He was lighting a cigarette and then he walked up on the porch,” she said. “It sounds like somebody got shot. All I heard through her screams was her telling him to breathe.”

Ms. Herndon had her first court appearance immediately upon arriving at the Aiken County Jail on HAMPTON AV.  She was denied bond.

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