North Augusta Woman arrested for killing man, fired from job

by jovan1984

NORTH AUGUSTA — A parole officer has been arrested for killing her male friend on Wednesday.

Robin Renee Herndon, 40, was arrested by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Department and charged with manslaughter in the death of her 31-year-old platonic friend.

The victim was killed after Ms. Herndon shot him in the neck.

The incident happened at 14:12 Wednesday after a domestic argument. During the argument, Ms. Herndon pulled out a gun and shot him. It isn’t immediately known if the weapon she used was the one she carried to her job as a parole officer.

Ms. Herndon is at the Aiken County Jail.

Female-on-male violence is on the rise. In 2012, nine men were murdered by women they knew. This was the highest total since 2006, when ten men were killed by women.

News 12 reports that Ms. Herndon was fired today immediately after being charged with voluntary manslaughter, according to South Carolina’s Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services’ Public Information Director. That’s one less abuser with a badge on the force.

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