Greenwood Massacre: Man murders five in fight with girlfriend, then himself

by jovan1984

BREEZEWOOD — Another domestic dispute ends in a completely avoidable massacre.

Bryan Eugene Sweatt, 27, shot and killed his 26-year-old girlfriend, her parents, 49 and 51, and her nephews, ages 11 and 9 on Tuesday evening, October 29.

The 51-year-old male victim was shot two times, his 49-year-old wife was shot thrice.  One of the minors were shot two times, while the other boy and the suspect’s primary target, his girlfriend, were shot once.

A Greenwood County dispatcher said that a woman in the background on CALLISON HY (SC Route 67) said “do not point that at me” before the phone was hung up.

The whole massacre stemmed from a dispute over child custody.

Totally sickening.

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