Texas bar obviously forgot that men are victims of domestic violence by women

by jovan1984

AUSTIN — Here is something that is very cringeworthy for ya.

A bar in the capital city of Texas had recently posted a totally unfunny domestic violence joke called an “ad”.

It reads: “I like my beer like I like my violence: domestic.”

I only wish I knew right off the top of my head how many people were killed in domestic violence disputes in Texas in 2012.  I know for a fact that 48 people, including nine men, were murdered in domestic violence incidents in South Carolina in 2012.  For those forty-eight families, as well as many others, the ad on the left is completely tasteless and totally offensive in nearly every way imaginable.

Unbelievably, though, some good came out of this situation: the employee who wrote the God-awful ad on the chalkboard was axed and Minibar put up another ad that says that they will donate $1.00 for every beer sold to domestic violence organizations around the Lone Star State and the nation.

I only wish that the families of the men who were murdered by their wives and girlfriends in Austin had picketed openly outside Minibar.  While male-on-female domestic violence has always been an epidemic and a stain on our nation, female-on-male domestic violence is one of the fastest growing crimes in the nation, along with identity theft.


[image of woman abusing a man via Bing Images]

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