Douchebag of the Day: Adam Carter-Campbell, who threatened to kill a woman who rejected him on OKCupid

by jovan1984

SEATTLE — A 21-year-old man was arrested recently for threatening to kill a 21-year-old woman who rejected him on OKCupid.

The victim posted a photo of herself in the formal attire she was wearing on her job, letting the suspect know where she was located.

“You just gotta be nicer to be,” police said he wrote, “that way I won’t have the inclination to go kill a bunch of people.”

The suspect then flew into a rage after the victim refused to return his messages.  Both the suspect and victim are Christians.

The victim then got the suspect’s original account banned.  But, like a certain someone in the twittersphere, he created another OKCupid account.

And this time, he went directly after his victim, rather than engage with anyone else on the dating site.

“I dream of a paradise where you and I can go to an island where no one can hear you scream,” he wrote.

The victim then went to her local CBS station, KIRO-HD, and showed them the messages.

“I didn’t know what kind of weapons he had access to,” she said. “I was worried for everyone else because he was so angry about something I did. It was more like I don’t want this on my head and I don’t want to see Seattle hurt.”

She also worried about her personal safety. He asked if they would get married if he came to her job.

Adam Carter-Campbell, of Seattle, was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and charged with felony cyberstalking.

Mr. Carter-Campbell, the Douchebag of the Day, is being held on $100,000.00 bond.