Grim achievement: South Carolina ranked tops in male-on-female murders in 2011

by jovan1984

COLUMBIA — South Carolinians are back at the top in a category no state wants to be number one in.

The number of women murdered by men.

In 2011, South Carolina had the highest male-on-female homicide rate.  The state saw sixty-one women killed by men in murders and massacres, and a homicide rate of 2.54 per 100,000 women.

However, not all of the women who were murdered by a man had relationships.  The 61 women who were slain also includes men who killed women in other situations, such as drug deals gone bad.

Ninety-three percent of the women killed by men knew their killer.  Included in this percentage are women who knew the men due to the aforementioned drug deals, as well as robbery and burglary.

Five in every eight women killed were murdered by a man they had a relationship with.  That includes three women from Wagener, all of whom were killed by Kenneth Meyers.  All of the posts about the Wagener Massacre can be seen in link.

These grim numbers compiled by the Violence Prevention Center (below) caught the attention of the South Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Violence.

“It is our hope that this report will be a call to action for the leadership of South Carolina and its citizens to recognize the seriousness of the problem in our state and begin to work collaboratively to find real solutions that improve the safety and lives of women in our state,” said Colleen Campbell Bozard, the interim chair of the state’s anti-sexual violence organization.

And for those who think that more guns would have helped, think about this and let it sink in for a moment: eight of the ten states that had the highest rate of male-on-female murders in 2011, including S.C., has had very loose gun laws predating 2011 by at least seven years.

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