ILLEGAL ARREST IN Bellows Falls, Vt.: Town’s Stone-Aged Police Chief illegally arrest man for being nude in public

by jovan1984

BELLOWS FALLS, VT — In a week where Columbia Police say that they will not arrest homeless people, the illegal arrest are people for public nudity continue — with hypocritical crickets chirping.

The latest illegal arrest? In Bellows Falls.

A man was illegally arrested by the town’s Stone Aged police chief, Ron Lake.

Dylan G. Gingues, 26, of Bellows Falls, was illegally arrested after he correctly stated that public nudity is a Constitutional right that Bellows Falls is violating with their ordinance.

Here is their unconstitutional ordinance:

Offenses Against Persons and Property, Article 4, Indecent and Obscene Offenses, Section 1, Indecent Exhibitions “No person shall expose or exhibit his genital organs, buttocks, or breast in any public place or in public view under circumstances in which the person knew or reasonably should have known that his actions would be offensive or alarming to, or with intent to offend, shock or alarm, a viewer of ordinary sensibilities.”

Section 2, Exhibition to Minors, states “No person shall intentionally expose their genital organs, buttocks or breast to any unrelated minor in any public place.”

This ordinance also violates two other guaranteed rights, both of which women have: the right to be topless in public and the right to breastfeed in public. In addition to the ban public nudity, female toplessness and breastfeeding are additionally banned in the village, as underlined. The ordinance was cleverly written in an effort to duck a constitutional challenge to its nudity ban and because judges cannot legally sever parts of such ordinances should it be challenged.

Vermont’s state law bans none of these things, but municipalities to ban all three things supersede state power to enforce, and thus, why there are radical ordinances like this one on the books.

There used to be a time in which bans on nudity used to be accepted. But given that Vermont and 48 other states have permissive breastfeeding laws on the books (although municipalities like Bellows Falls can pass ordinances banning it), the time for accepting public nudity bans is over.

There are some laws and ordinances that should not be tolerated. Ordinances that ban on public nudity go straight to the top of the list of laws that should not be tolerated or accepted under any circumstances. Any American who is a patriot will fight for the legalization of public nudity in all 50 states, and will stand and fight tooth, nail and (if necessary) to the death against all laws and ordinances that criminalize public nudity!

When one group’s constitutional rights go away, will your rights be next?

[Brattleboro Reformer]