An Open Letter to the Hollywood Actors, Directors, Screenwriters, Producers and Consumers

by jovan1984

Dear Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, Michael Douglas and the rest of the Hollywood Actors, Directors, Screenwriters, Producers and Consumers,

Did you realize the hypocrisy of you getting naked on film while Plain Joes like myself are not allowed to be naked at all? If not, I will clue you in on why you are all being hypocrites.

If a Main Street, non-Hollywood male like me were to get naked right now, even inside the privacy of my own home, I would be hauled off to the nearest jail and charged with public nudity.

I know you all have large female fan bases and you don’t want to upset them, but what are you gonna do to speak out against the laws in this nation and how biased against men these laws forbidding public nudity are?

I want to know when are you gonna take a stand for the right of men to be nude in public? Male toplessness does not count as being nude, partially or otherwise.

Did you know that women have a right to be at least partially nude (a la, breastfeeding, female toplessness or both) in every state except West Virginia?

Meanwhile, there are zero states in this nation, the United States, where it is legal for men to be naked in public. Forty-nine for women. Zero for men. Yet, you are getting naked for women’s pleasure on film, thereby allowing them to exploit your nudity for their personal gain. That is not right. That is not okay. And it is definitely not acceptable.

For those of you who are actors: you all need to set the example by telling all of the world that you will not get naked in your movies until men are allowed to be naked in public in all of the United States, zip code notwithstanding.

For those who are film directors: do not show male nudity in any of your films until public nudity is legalized.

For those who are screenwriters: do not write in parts that require for men to be naked. If there are parts that are written in that require men to be naked on-screen, erase them. Yes, every last one of them.

For those who are producers and/or film editors: edit out all parts that would have the slightest bit of the male anatomy on-screen.

Finally, for the consumers out there: boycott every last movie that have men stripping down to their underwear, Speedos, or stripping completely naked until all bans on public nudity are gone. Tell the actors who continue to get naked on screen that you will not patronize any of their movies until public nudity is legal. Tell the directors, screenwriters, producers and film editors that you will not patronize them if they allow for male nudity on screen while we are forced to be clothed in public.

I want to see male nudity. However, given that men are illegally arrested by law enforcement in Myrtle Beach and San Francisco for being naked out in public, I cannot in good conscience support you being naked on television or in movies until the nudity bans are gone in every last square inch of the United States.

Since you are the most popular amongst us, I ask you to do right by the men in this nation: stop the hypocrisy, speak out against the government’s war on nudists, tell your female fans to speak out against the war on nudists, and tell the world that if ordinary men like myself can’t be naked in public, you won’t get naked on screen for the female audience until we have a right to be nude in public.


Jovan B., Williston, S.C.