Creepshots For Women coming to Bushwick on Friday

by jovan1984

NEW YORK CITY — Remember Creepshots, the web page that posted nude shots of women without their consent?

Well, there is a feminine version of Creepshots coming to Bushwick’s museum this weekend in Brooklyn, dubbed “Show Me More: A Collection of DickPix.”

The quartet of women artists say that they are interested in feminist, internet, pornography and power. After reading about what they plan to do, I immediately called bullshit on one of those things they claim to have an interest in: feminism.

They’re not the least bit interested in feminism, because women harassing men is the very antithesis of feminism, because a major goal of feminism is to end all forms of harassment, not to make female-on-male harassment — which is still uncommon oh by the way — mainstream.

I could understand, and even support, this event if the women promised to only post dick pics of celebrity men (who I think don’t deserve any privacy whatsoever, given the scandals involving pols from South Carolina and New York). But given that they claim to have 300 dick pics, including one from a gay man on Grindr after one of the promoters of the event posed as a man just to get on the site, there is no doubt that they are blatantly violating the privacy of non-celebrity men.

It was only two and a half months ago when women were up in arms over the Creepshots after photos of nude women started appearing on Tumblr and elsewhere without the consent of the women. As Jessica Roy writes, men have an absolute right to be hopping mad as hell at the women promoting this weekend’s event:

It’s pretty obvious what the outrage would look like were the genders in this story reversed, and revenge porn–the practice of publishing naked photos of someone online without their consent–is ethically unacceptable no matter your gender.

And there is a reason why these cowardly, dishonest women won’t reveal their identities: because they have something to hide. Because they know that even though they have been a victim of online harassment since June 1, these four women are committing a criminal offense.

In short, they are committing voyeurism — which became illegal in the State of New York in 2003 after several talk shows in the New York area, including Maury and the now-defunct Montel Williams Show, showed video after video of men violating women in many areas of the Big Apple the previous year.

The women claim that they’re doing it as a reaction to the feelings of assault women can feel when they randomly receive an unsolicited dickpic. That is nonsense and anyone who uses their brain knows it.

The women are doing it to harass and intimidate men. Furthermore, they are doing it to harass and intimidate male sexuality, which they want to criminalize.

There is a reason why this event is called Creepshots For Women. Because just like the what creepy men of Creepshots have done to women all summer long, these four cowardly creepy women who put this event together are doing the exact same thing to men.

Just because women are harassed far more often than men in America does not justify having this upcoming Bushwick event in any way, form or fashion. If you truly are a feminist, or truly are an ally to the feminist cause — you need to speak out against the actions of these four creepy female harassers.

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