Record low max temperatures recorded for Thursday

by jovan1984

Welp, it has happened. The historic day of cool.

On Thursday, the high temperature was recorded at 1:30 at Augusta Regional: 72°.

That temperature shattered the previous record of 78, which was set in 2004.

Orangeburg recorded a high of 71, 74 in Barnwell, 71 at Daniel Field, 70 in Aiken and 75 at Statesboro.

None of that compared to where Williston was on Thursday.

The high in Williston was 68° just one minute into the day. The temperature at 13:00 was 58 degrees in the western Barnwell County town of 3,163.

The 68 degree reading is the normal high for March 11, and is the normal low for August 15.

That should tell you just how cool it was yesterday.

[image of temperature falling on thermometer via Shutterstock]