Rick Snyder appointed emergency manager’s police department intentionally leaked bra sizes of every policewoman in Detroit

by jovan1984

DETROIT — An assistant police commander in Detroit, appointed by the emergency manager Rick Snyder named to control the city, was busted for intentionally leaking the bra sizes of every policewoman currently employed by the Detroit Police Department.

But, by the time he was caught, the Police Women of Detroit were already embarrassed and humiliated.

The leak surfaced as DPD was ordering new bulletproof vests for its officers. While men’s and women’s vests both act as protective shields, the vests for females are contoured to accommodate their curves. That’s why female officers in the DPD submitted their cup sizes, along with their height and weight.

When the replacement vests arrived, Commander Michael Love — who was appointed by the emergency manager that Rick Snyder appointed in the winter — forwarded an email with an attached Microsoft Excel 2013 spreadsheet to his fellow male commanders. That Excel 2013 spreadsheet contained some information about the policewomen, including the titty sizes of the DPD’s female law enforcers.

They then forwarded the email to the supervisors — also appointed by the emergency manager, who then sent that email to every member of the rank-and-file.

While the men were laughing, the Police Women of Detroit were piping hot about the leak — and were even angrier after they faced ridicule and harassment from their male colleagues. Two of them were so piping hot about the leak, they filed grievances against the DPD.

I don’t blame the women one bit for being angry over this leak. If there were only women at the top of a police force and they were to email every man’s dick size to everyone who worked at that police department and they ridiculed and harassed the men on the force, you bet your bottom dollar that such a police force would likely be disbanded by a court or by some other means.

The assistant Police Chief James White said that it was an “innocent mistake”. Nonsense. The incident was intentional, as the email was forwarded at least thrice to the entire department.

The Police Women of Detroit needs to file a federal lawsuit in a court outside of Michigan against the DPD, and include the emergency manager who appointed these men as a defendant. Send the message that this kind of sexual harassment shall not be tolerated at a police force, let alone at any day job.

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[image of a woman in a bulletproof vest via DynamicLeather]