Arizona Cardinals cheerleader Megan Welter charged with domestic violence for beating up boyfriend

by jovan1984

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — The domestic violence culture in sports and the military is making headlines once again.

It is in the NFL, once again.

This time, it is one of the NFL cheerleaders, not a player, that is the abuser in their relationship.

Megan Welter, 29, a former resident of Wilmington, was arrested for criminal domestic violence by the Scottsdale City Police Department on July 20, which was the weekend of her birthday. She served in the Iraq war during the Bush 43 Administration. Video of the incident recorded is below the fold.

“The victim in this incident had a cellphone that he used to record the assault,” Scottsdale Police Sgt. Mark Clark told the Associated Press, the New York Daily News and others in the national media. “In addition to that, the officers witnessed injuries consistent with the victim’s statements.”

Ms. Welter and her boyfriend got into an argument at around 3:18 on the morning of July 20 about a flirtatious text he received from on of his exes.

Afterwards, Ms. Welter called 911 and lied to the dispatcher on the phone about her boyfriend being abusive when it was obvious that she was the one being abusive the whole time.

“My boyfriend just became abusive. We got into a physical fight,” she told the dispatcher. She described him as a “professional fighter” who “smashed [her] head into tile.”

When Scottsdale PD arrived, nothing in the way of abuse on Ms. Welter’s body.

They did, however, found plenty of bruises and marks on the boyfriend’s body.

Not to mention that he also had evidence.

Officers arrested Ms. Welter. She was released without bond the same day.

Prosecutors in Arizona say that they will go forward with the case, even if the boyfriend doesn’t want to press charges.

Last time I checked, she was still on the Arizona Cardinals cheerleading roster, as my photo posted above the fold clearly indicates. Let’s hope that they do the right thing and dump her ass from the squad.

This arrest is also an indicator of what is likely to become an increasingly disturbing trend within the next 12-15 years: female athletes — 41 years removed from being allowed to play sports right out of college — sexually abusing their husbands and boyfriends. Do pray that I am wrong, folks.

This is also the latest in a long line of arrests of military operatives for either domestic violence or sexual assault. Again, this is also a disturbing trend as there have been an increasing number of servicewomen arrested for domestic violence against men.

Ms. Welter’s boyfriend makes excuses for her and wants us to focus on her military and NFL contributions. Tough horsepucky. We’re gonna focus on the sports and military domestic violence and rape cultures — one that your girlfriend, Ms. Welter, is fostering on the rest of us.

The sexist Facebook commenters on the 3TV story also attack the boyfriend for being a ‘pussy’ for recording a crime in action. Domestic violence in a crime and recordings of such a crime should be made public. One in every seven men will become a victim of domestic violence to the hands of a girlfriend or wife at some point in his lifetime. Every 38 seconds in the United States, a man is being abused by his girlfriend or wife.

It is worth noting that Chicago dumped the Honey Bears in 1986 — after the Super Bowl — because they were dressed much like today’s cheerleaders, even though none of them had ever had criminal charges, let alone domestic violence charges against them.

I asked the question on Saturday on Twitter. I’m asking it again on here.

What’s worse? Half-naked cheerleaders prancing up and down the field or a cheerleader who abuses her boyfriend?

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