N.C. man arrested for domestic violence after hitting girlfriend with pizza

by jovan1984

Man arrested for throwing pizza at girlfriend

NORTH WILKESBORO, NC — This is what really grinds my gears!

A 25-year-old Wilkes County man was arrested on Sunday for throwing a pizza at his girlfriend.

Wilkes County Sheriff’s Department detectives received a call from the neighbor of the man and the victim, his 19-year-old girlfriend.

The call came after the neighbor, Jennifer Freeman, knocked on the man’s door to get a smoke in with him. Then, as the man went to answer the door, he slipped and fell. (The floor was wet.) That pissed him off so much, he chucked at least one slice of pizza at his girlfriend. That’s when the two women ran next door — without the cigarette — and called the WCSO. The man did not physically strike either of the women, though the pizza did not recover.

Upon arrival at the scene, one Wilkes County Sheriff’s officer observed “pizza sauce on the back of [the victim’s] right rib cage” and “pieces of pizza all over the living room floor as well as on the wall behind the front entrance door to the apartment.”

The man tried to deny that he threw the pizza, but evidence showed otherwise.

Cody Sebastian Parsons, 25, of Wilkesboro, was arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence. He was booked into the Wilkes County Detention Center.

Like I said this morning with the Fort Mill story, PIZZA IS MADE FOR EATING! Pizza was not, nor will ever be, made for abusing women!

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Woman charged with murdering husband after further post-crash evidence surfaces

SPRING LAKE, NC — A Cumberland County woman is in jail on murder charges.

The death of the man was originally ruled an accident. However, his family called for a thorough autopsy because they thought his death was suspicious.

On July 20, the funeral home’s inspector discovered that there was a stab wound in the man’s back. The North Carolina Examiner’s Office performed a separate autopsy and came up with the exact same conclusion.

That evidence was enough for the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office to arrest Toni Marsha Talley, 32, of Spring Lake. She is charged with first degree murder and is held at the Harnett County Jail under $200,000.00 bond.

Obviously, this is why the examiner’s offices should investigate every untimely death to make sure there is nothing suspicious about why people died. Good call on the part of the man’s family to get to the bottom of why he died. A killer has been caught and I hope they put her away for good.

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Man crashes into convenience store while attempting to murder spouse

NEWNAN, GA — A 60-year-old man faces a slew of charges after he tried to run over his spouse at least thrice and slammed into a convenience store instead.

Investigators with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office said the man tried to run his spouse over the in parking lot of a gas station but missed and crashed through the front of the store at full speed.

“I heard the tires squealing, then I turned around and he was coming through the glass,” said Jeffery Bowls, one of a handful of customers in the store at the time. “When I looked back and seen it, I turned around and ran. He never stopped. Thank God I am still here.”

“Six seconds before I walked out the store, I heard a big loud boom, like an engine running, and right when I walked around there was a guy and a little girl on the next aisle and they jumped out of the way so they wouldn’t get hit,” said Britney Reynolds, who was about to walk out when she saw her car get hit and the truck smash through the glass.

Investigator Chad McDonald with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office said that the man was having a domestic dispute with his wife.

Pam Hunter said the same man driving the white truck pulled a machete on her and a friend hours prior to that.

“He reached in his car and grabbed a machete, a big, long machete,” said Ms. Hunter. “I wrote down his tag number and was going to call police. I wish I had called police when he pulled that machete. I wish I had called police, and maybe this would have not happened.”

The man’s pickup truck hit several parked cars and the convenience store before catching on fire.

Crews boarded up the broken windows and used ad billboards to protect the store from people or vehicles breaking in.

Greg Sims, 60, was arrested and charged with DWI, criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, attempted murder, terroristic threats, aggravated assault with a motor vehicle, drunken driving, reckless driving, and criminal damage to property.

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