Constituents vow to recall Bob Filner if he refuses to step down as San Diego mayor + Sexual assault victim speaks to WJBF

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Multiple groups of constituents deliver ultimatum to mayor/sexual harasser Bob Filner

SAN DIEGO — Mayor Bob Filner has gone into counseling after admitting to sexually harassing at least a septet of women — and likely includes women who work in San Diego’s street sign shop.

All of these incidents have now ignited calls of recalls against Bob Filner from all sides — from feminists to Tea Party groups, and everyone in between.

He made the announcement earlier this afternoon during a news conference that he will be taking a two-week leave of absence.

However, a group of petitioners are giving him three days to resign. And Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz wants Mr. Filner gone immediately.

The Florida representative says the misconduct Mr. Filner has been accused of is, “reprehensible and indefensible.”

Rep. Wasserman Schultz says there is, quote, “no place for this type of conduct in the workplace and certainly not in our city halls and public offices.”

Stampp Corbin vows to recall Mr. Filner at 20:01 Barnwell time (17:01 local time) on Monday if he does not step down by then. Mr. Corbin is a hardcore progressive who supported Mr. Filner in the most recent mayoral election.

Mr. Corbin, owner and publisher of San Diego-based LGBT Weekly who took out a classified ad stating his intentions to go forward with a recall, has the full backing of many people across party lines — from feminists to the tea party people.

To get a recall on the ballot, Mr. Corbin would need to collect at least 101,596 valid signatures in 39 days.


Sexual assault victim speaks to WJBF as predator bonds out of jail

WJBF-TV ABC 6 Augusta-Aiken News, Weather, Sports

AIKEN — A Burnettown man arrested on Tuesday for sexually assaulting several women to satisfy his foot fetish has bonded out of jail tonight.

Meanwhile, we hear from his sexual assault victim, Carol Owens.

Mrs. Owens’s has given the media permission to use her name, and she sat down only with WJBF-DT News Channel 6 to talk about the incident.

“I had flip flops on and I feel something on the ankle part of my leg and feel something under my foot,” said Mrs. Owens.

“It was wet and round – and I put my foot down and it mushed so I thought I stepped on a grape.”

That is when she turned around and saw the man that Grovetown Police Department, Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and North Augusta Department of Public Safety have all been looking for because of his crimes against women, including sexual assault and unauthorized solicitation.

Joey Leaphart, 44, of Burnettown.

Mrs. Owens recognized him from earlier television reports when he was accused of sniffing and kissing the feet of an 18-year-old woman in Grovetown, Ga.

“I knew it was Joey Leaphart. He says I forgot my gum and I need to get it and I said no, you need to back off,” said Mrs. Owens.

“It is very odd – it’s not something we see everyday,” said Aiken Department of Public Safety Lt. Karl Odenthal.

Police from multiple jurisdictions say Mr. Leaphart has pulled similar stunts in the past. Mrs. Owens says she is shaken up and feels violated by the incident.

“(Sexual) Assault means to me an unwanted touch by someone you don’t want. Everyone has a personal space. If I ask you into mine, that’s ok but if I don’t, don’t touch me,” said Mrs. Owens.

Mr. Leaphart is a convicted sex offender. At the start of the millennium, prosecutor Barbara Morgan convicted him of committing a lewd act on a teenager.

[WJBF-DT News Channel 6]

Newport News man arrested in Augusta-Richmond County for child molestation

AUGUSTA, GA — A convicted sex offender from Newport News, Va. has been arrested and charged with child molestation.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation arrested John Tysarczyk, 36, of Newport News, when he traveled from there to Augusta to meet and have sex with a 14 year old girl while undercover chatting was ongoing for 28 days.

He was booked at the Augusta-Richmond County Detention Center.

[WJBF-DT News Channel 6]

Man arrested for sex assault at UNC

CHAPEL HILL — A man was arrested for sexually assaulting a co-ed at University of North Carolina campus.

The co-ed was walking from the intersection of CAMERON AVE and SOUTH COLUMBIA ST at 8:15 Thursday.

The co-ed said she then walked inside the journalism hall (Carroll Hall) and the man came from behind and slapped her ass with great force before fleeing.

Dontay Awtwanne Rone, 20, was arrested and charged with two counts of sexual battery.