All-female gangs on the rise?

by jovan1984

Police lookout for increase in female gang members and all-female gangs

ALBANY, GA — The Albany Police Department says that there is a disturbing trend that they are monitoring.

The Albany Police Department Gang Task Force investigators estimate up to 10% of gang members are female.

It’s uncommon for an entire gang to be made up of only girls and women, but more gangs have female members who are often involved in crimes.

“Their roles are typically to hold drugs or guns,” said Investigator Janel Herring. “Because they feel that females won’t get that much time if they are caught. Or if they won’t they can hide it in place where it possibly can’t be found.”

Girls as young as 8 are involved in gangs.

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North Carolina General Assembly wages war on women by passing #motorcyclevagina bill

RALEIGH — The War on North Carolina’s women is now complete.

The #motorcyclevagina bill passed the state Senate despite objections of 80% of all North Carolinians, all Democrats and nearly all of women in the state, some of whom showed up to protest against House Bill 353.

The state’s DHHS would have the authority to permanently shut down all but one of the state’s abortion clinics, regardless of their impeccable record on health care for women.

All of the Planned Parenthood clinics in the Tar Heel State would also be shut down by the extreme misogynistic right wing DHHS.

House Bill 353 intentionally targeted Planned Parenthood for shut down, because Planned Parenthood offers women the most comprehensive health care options out of all providers nationwide. Clinics that do not perform abortion services do not offer even 40% of the health care options for women that Planned Parenthood does.

Gov. Pat McCrory sicced his Gestapo on the protesters, illegally arresting them for protesting against the bill.

Gov. McCrory is also expected to break his major campaign promise and sign House Bill 353 into law.

[WSOC-HD 9 Eyewitness News]

National Organization for Women rally for, endorses, Quinn in mayoral race

NEW YORK CITY — After the Anthony Weiner sideshow that is fast making this mayoral election an international joke, Christine Quinn decided to be serious.

Mrs. Quinn said that the nation’s flagship and largest, and the world’s third largest, city needed “mature” leadership.

“I’m incredibly thankful for NOW National’s support,” said Mrs. Quinn, an NYC councilwoman, in a news release. “New York City needs a mature and experienced leader to keep it moving in the right direction and [to] tackle the serious issues.”

The National Organization for Women returned to the location of their founding on June 30, 1966 and endorsed Mrs. Quinn.

“New Yorkers need a mayor who has a proven ability to govern and lead responsibly,” said current national NOW president Terri O’Neill, with the Statue of Liberty as her backdrop.

NOW, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt group that promotes women’s equality causes, boasts more than 550,000 members. The group’s founding chapter endorsed Mrs. Quinn last month, but this marks the first time the national organization has engaged in the race.

Mrs. Quinn and NOW’s message resonated with other feminist groups.

Another prominent feminist group, EMILY’s list, issued a statement from Marcy Stech, the national press secretary, saying that Quinn “is the only candidate with the judgment, maturity and know-how [to] produce real results for New Yorkers.”