Thursday special on WYFF-DT will focus on domestic violence in the Upstate. But will they air stories of men who were abused by women?

by jovan1984

GREENVILLE — Pop quiz.

Which is the only state in the entire union that ranks in the Top Ten in both the number of women killed by men and the number of men killed by women in domestic violence related incidents?

All right, pencils down.

If you said South Carolina, you are correct.

In light of this alarming situation, WYFF-DT News 4 will air a series called Chronicle, which details stories about domestic violence. Unfortunately, though, they will not air stories of men who were abused by their wives and girlfriends, which really undercuts this particular episode because female-on-male domestic violence here in South Carolina is getting every bit as bad as vice versa with each passing day.

By the way, here is the toll-free number to some shelters if you or someone you know is being abused – I am only posting the numbers to shelters that serve both genders in the Tri-State:

1-800-273-5066 – national Safe Homes number

706-736-2499 – Safe Homes Augusta, Ga.

803-649-0480 – Cumbee Center to Assist Abused Persons

By the way, Georgia has the highest number of women killed by their male partners.

WYFF-DT is a brother publication to Cosmopolitan and Winston-Salem’s WXII-HD.

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