Here we go again! Military rape culture comes to Fort Carson

by jovan1984

Soldiers investigated for sexual assault in Fort Carson

FORT CARSON, CO — Another story about the military rape culture out of control.

Army Criminal Investigation Command told Huffington Post that they are investigating allegations of sexual misconduct involving several soldiers and teenage girls.

ACIC didn’t say how many soldiers were under investigation, where the alleged misconduct took place or how many girls were allegedly involved.

The age of consent in Colorado is 17 years old.

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Cab driver charged with attempted murder after shooting assault weapon at woman

COLUMBIA — A cab driver has been booked on attempted murder charges after trying to off a woman who refused to pay for her ride with an assault weapon.

On Tuesday evening at 23:05, Columbia Police Department detectives said that a 33-year-old man picked up the victim at the airport and drove her to the Clarion Hotel on Gervais St. The victim said she informed the suspect that she didn’t have cash and promised to give him the money after using the Clarion’s ATM.

When the suspect heard that, he confiscated the victim’s phone and they got into a rumble. The victim screamed for help and people nearby broke up the fight.

The victim then walked on her own to the Clarion. CPD said that is when the suspect whipped out an AK-47 assault rifle from his car, ran after the victim, and fired two rounds at her.

She was not injured.

The hotel’s security detained the suspect until CPD came.

Vincent Laben, 33, was arrested and charged attempted murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

While it is legal for citizens to carry assault weapons here in South Carolina, Mr. Laben did not have a license to carry the AK-47. When CPD learned of that, they added the charge of unlawful carrying of a weapon to his rap sheet.

He is still at the Richland County Detention Center, on $300,000.00 bond on the three charges.

I wonder what made this douchebag have such a violent reaction to something so simple…I guess I will never know.

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Grady County jailer axed from position after abusing estranged wife

CAIRO, GA — A Grady County jailer is out of a job after his arrest for domestic violence.

Tim Gainous, the jailer at Cairo County’s Detention Center, was axed from his job on Tuesday. This stems from his arrest last month for domestic violence and trespassing on his estranged wife’s property.

Mr. Gainous was acquitted of the criminal domestic violence charges, however.

Mr. Gainous was hired on January 2, 2005 to take over the detention center in Cairo.

John Walton replaces Gainous as the jailer, via orders from Grady County Sheriff Harry Young.

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