A big thank you to Cosmopolitan Magazine for recognizing that female-on-male domestic violence is a major issue

by jovan1984

NEW YORK CITY — A week ago today, Cosmopolitan — like I did two hours before them — posted about Emma Roberts’s domestic violence arrest and made it clear that being a woman is no longer an excuse for abusing the men in their lives.

Per the piece:

Many people are of the opinion that men “can’t be physically abused” the way men “can’t be raped,” because men are generally stronger than and can subsequently overpower women. Incidentally, neither of these are true.

According to a study done in 2000, the statistics of domestic abuse in America were 1.3 million women versus 835,000 men. A more recent study from 2011 ups the percentage: One in four men have experienced “rape, physical violence and/or stalking” by a partner, and one in seven have experienced “severe physical violence,” like beaten with a fist or a blunt object. And a 32-nation study by the University of New Hampshire claims that girlfriends initiate violence equally often as boyfriends do in relationships.

So don’t forget to pay mind: This does happen, and it needs just as much awareness and prevention as male-on-female domestic assault.

If I could applause for an hour without hurting my writing hand (I’m left-handed), I’d do so for Cosmopolitan.

Ah wait…I got a Youtube video of applause! I can’t express my gratitude enough for Cosmopolitan for shining the light on female-on-male domestic violence. Aside from the fact that female-on-male sexual violence is starting to become an epidemic, Cosmo needs to remember that some Ladyboner of the Day prospects are also being killed by abusive women.