Winston-Salem woman gunned down by abusive boyfriend in murder-suicide

by jovan1984

WINSTON-SALEM — Another abusive incident turned deadly. This time, at a Forsyth County, N.C. hospital.

The lifeless bodies of a 28-year-old woman and the suspect, Tazeman Earl Boone, 27, were found in the maternity ward, which is the third floor of The Forsyth Medical Center, which is located on Silas Creek Pkwy.

The woman was a patient at the hospital, and was recovering in the maternity ward unit after giving birth to a newborn when she was fatally shot.

Mr. Boone entered the room, shot the woman and then turned the gun on himself.

Three months ago, Mr. Boone was arrested for threatening to blow the victim’s brains out over the phone. After that incident, he was ordered to have no contact with the woman.

In December, Mr. Boone was arrested for running over the victim. The victim was pregnant until this past week.

The victim’s ex-boyfriend, Stratton VanBuren, said it was clear that Mr. Boone was abusive in every way possible towards the victim. Both he and the deceased victim have a ten-year-old child together. They were together for eight years.

During the course of the months-long relationship between Mr. Boone and the victim, there was clear evidence of domestic violence from start to end. One WXII reporter, who incorrectly stated that the victim had such a history, showed a stack of domestic violence jail logs. That log represented each one of Mr. Boone’s arrest.

Long before the domestic violence, however, Mr. Boone was a felon. Unfortunately, under North Carolina law (and that of many other states in the South and rural Midwest), felons can possess firearms under some circumstances.

Mr. Boone was a convicted felon for all of his adult life. In 2004, he was convicted of robbery with a dangerous weapon.

At one point, Mr. VanBuren said that the victim lived with him and his fiancée out of fear for Mr. Boone.

This story is proof that domestic violence is getting worse in the aforementioned areas.

These abusers are the worst of the worst. Taking their anger out on women who did nothing wrong. That also happened in both Augusta, Ga. and Iva over the weekend.

Let’s mourn these women who endured so much hell from the men that was supposed to love them.

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