Man arrested at Grovetown Wal-Mart for sexual assault arrested at WEST RICHLAND AVE Wal-Mart on same charges

by jovan1984

AIKEN — A man who was arrested 376 days ago at the Grovetown, Ga. Wal-Mart for sexual assault in relation to smelling women’s feet has been arrested on the exact same charge, this time in Aiken County.

Joey Leaphart, 44, of Burnettown, was arrested last summer in Grovetown and charged with sexual assault after an 18-year-old woman called the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office after he asked if he could kiss her foot as part of the prank, then started sucking on her big toe and finally exclaimed that “it tasted so good, though”.

In that incident, Mr. Leaphart asked the 18-year-old if her toenails were painted, whether she’d watched America’s Funniest Home Videos (AFV) and said he was with the show.

Now, he was arrested by the Aiken Department of Public Safety and is facing charges in Aiken County in a similar incident today, which unlike the Grovetown incident, involves older women.

In today’s incident, Mr. Leaphart touched a woman’s leg at the WEST RICHLAND AVE store, then placed chewed gum between her foot and her flip-flop sandal, causing her to step on the gum.

The victim told ADPS officers that Mr. Leaphart came up behind her while she was checking out. He then reportedly reached down and touched her calf.

The victim told ADPS officers that Mr. Leaphart got closer, smiled and said, “I need to get my gum. It rolled under your foot”. The victim yelled at Mr. Leaphart to “back off”, but he was persistent in trying to retrieve the gum, she told ADPS officers.

The new charges Mr. Leaphart faces are now third degree assault and trespass after warning. He was banned from all of the Wal-Mart stores nationwide after his Grovetown arrest.

Full disclosure: I love women’s feet and I have a foot fetish. I also know how to control my urges and I know how to respect women’s boundaries everywhere I go.

On the flip side, however: Mr. Leaphart is a creepy, creepy, rapey dude who has absolutely no respect whatsoever for women’s boundaries.

He needs to be locked away for the good of women and men everywhere across the Central Savannah River Area.

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