Another disgusting Kickstarter project that must go bye-bye

by jovan1984

LOS ANGELES — Last month, feminists successfully removed a rape project from Kickstarter that had garnered outrage.

Now, there is an equally disgusting project to get rid of.

The disgusting project on Kickstarter just appeared sometime last week, but it is already sending the message that violence against sex workers is acceptable, since in the eyes of the project’s fundraiser(s), they are “aiding and abetting in human trafficking”.

2013-07-23 14.33.19

The Salvation Army, already known for their homophobia, will now be known for their anti-sex views. They are the primary sponsor for this project that uses junk investigations to create a nonsensical link between pornography, sex work and human trafficking.

Hard Corps: a feature documentary aimed at uncovering the connection between Pornography and the Human Sex Trafficking Industry.

First off, there is no link between mainstream pornography and the sex trafficking industry. In fact, the vast majority of pornographers and sex workers have fought against sex trafficking — but the Salvation Army won’t tell you that in their videos or on the Kickstarter page in the screenshot. Because it doesn’t fit their anti-sex agenda.

The undeniable connection between addiction and pornography serves the growing business of Human Sex Trafficking and this film proposes to uncover the façade of pornography as “a harmless pastime for consenting adults.” It pulls back the curtain to reveal the ugly reality of addiction, infidelity, prostitution, child abuse, rape and Human Sex Trafficking.

Now you know that they are anti-sex!

Infidelity? Not a problem unless one party withdraws their consent.

Prostitution? Another non-problem, given that we are in a prolonged recession in which the only money keeping most families afloat is welfare.

Child abuse? Not nearly as big of a problem in the sex industry as it is in the daytime work industry. There have been countless stories about child abuse from day jobs that the Salvation Army willfully ignore — including one such incident (ultimately fatal) in Augusta, Ga. that forced the Peach State to create a new law under the then-Democratic ruled Gold Dome with then-Gov. Roy Barnes.

Rape? The biggest of the problems the Salvation Army purports to expose in the piece, but still…there is rape culture everywhere, including in the Salvation Army! Funny that they do not mention that!

Human Sex Trafficking? This is not a problem in the sex work industry. This is more of an immigration problem, as most sex trafficking cases are conducted by ICE, which enforces immigration law, not the FBI, which enforces America’s anti-sex laws.

The only façade here is the Salvation Army, and James Knaggs, and the Noland Bros., Guy and Joe.

It is time to put the crimp in this disgusting Kickstarter project.

Go to the very end of the project page (it is in the screenshot) and click on Report to Kickstarter. You can log in with your Facebook page to do this!

Also, sign any petitions that are out there to pressure Kickstarter to halt this project! If you’d like to share a petition, leave it in comments and I will include the petition in an update.