Woman files sexual harassment lawsuit against Macon hospital

by jovan1984

Macon hospital hit with sexual harassment lawsuit

MACON, GA — There is one hospital in Macon women definitely need to avoid.

Coliseum Medical Center has been hit with a federal sexual harassment lawsuit by a former nurse.

Tracey Mitchum says in the lawsuit that the hospital was negligent in its training, supervision, and employee retention policies.

Dr. Mitchum was hired in the autumn of 2011. During her time of employment at Coliseum, David Rutland, a supervisory co-worker, asked her out on a date. Dr. Mitchum agreed and they began a romantic relationship until she found out Mr. Rutland was married. She ended the relationship and asked Mr. Rutland to leave her alone.

That is when Mr. Rutland started getting creepy.

Mr. Rutland then started harassing her, threatened her job by stating, “I will have your job,” and touched her inappropriately. Dr. Mitchum went to her immediate supervisor to find out what to do to handle the situation, but she was discouraged from reporting the matter.

Dr. Mitchum received numerous unwelcomed advances and threats that went on for nearly the remainder of the time she was employed. She was denied a career promotion after Mr. Rutland intervened because she refused to continue the sexual relationship.

Dr. Mitchum met with hospital leaders in August 2012 to discuss the sexual harassment, threats, and insults. In September, Dr. Mitchum reached out to higher hospital leaders to inform them of the lewd conduct. Meanwhile, the sexual harassment continued and the hospital did absolutely nothing about it.

She was axed from Coliseum on September 20, 2012.

Coliseum was well aware of Mr. Rutland’s history of lewd, lascivious and sexually harassing behavior and they did not even once sanction him. The victim of the harassment was fired because she tried to report it.

Yes, that is legal in right-to-work states. In right-to-work states, employment is “at-will”.

Which means that companies can legally fire employees for reporting sexual harassment on the job since the states do not allow for unions at any place of employment within the state’s borders.

That is why this lawsuit is in federal court instead of state court, since federal worker rights laws trump state worker rights laws.

The fact that Dr. Mitchum got fired clearly illustrates the need for a federal right-to-union law.

I truly hope that Coliseum gets shut down. They clearly endorse men sexually harassing women.


Girl electrocuted at pool

LEXINGTON, NC — An eleven-year-old girl has been electrocuted after a power line connected to a telephone pole snapped.

Lauren Cecil, 11, was electrocuted Tuesday night just after 20:00 at Brookside Swim Club on Queens Rd southeast of the Town of Lexington. Lifeguards and Davidson County EMS crews performed CPR at the scene, but Ms. Cecil later died at the Lexington Medical Center.

A trio of girls, Ms. Cecil included, were in the pool when a lifeguard heard a loud boom and saw a power line fall into the grass next to the pool. The 7,200 volts of electricity traveled to everything around it, including the pool, said Ron Triplette, Davidson County inspections director.

While two girls got out of the side of the pool, Ms. Cecil was shocked when she grabbed a metal ladder, deputies said. A 115-volt shock is enough to kill a person, Triplette said.

Julie Rhodes, president of the Brookside Swim Club, said she and the lifeguards tried to get Ms. Cecil out of the water sooner, but they kept getting shocked.

[WXII 12 News]

Greensboro Mayor agrees to pay ex-wife alimony

GREENSBORO — The mayor of North Carolina’s third largest city has agreed to pay his ex-wife alimony and child support.

Mayor Robbie Perkins has agreed to pay about $1,700 to Carole Perkins comes as a hearing on child support and alimony.

That agreement has been delayed until August 5.

The couple separated in 2011 and divorced this winter. The couple was married from 1988 until 2012 and has three children.

His ex-wife filed a motion in court 1.5 weeks ago saying Mr. Perkins owed more than $12,000 in post-separation support and alimony.

[WXII 12 News]