Terrorists at Texas Department of Public Safety RAPES and SODOMIZES two pro-choice protesters before arresting them

by jovan1984

AUSTIN — As was mentioned Saturday in the News Briefs, the provisions that would permanently shutdown every clinic west of Interstate 35 (and 35E), and 42 of the 47 total, passed on Friday.

It was what happened after the vote that made the Texas Department of Public Safety the purveyors of a war on women that is usually seen in African nations that are still struggling to get industrialized.

Shortly after brutally assaulting a male pro-choice protester, they then raped and sodomized two female protesters before arresting them and five others.

Rape has been used as a tool of war many times over, including after the fall of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Just recently, protesters in Egypt raped women during the protests at Tahrir Square to oust Hosni Mubarak and his successor.

On Saturday, the Texas Department of Public Safety officially used gang rape as a tool of war and to silence pro-choice protesters. What the Texas Department of Public Safety did was not just a human rights violation here at home, it was an international human rights violation as well. Yes, we have to follow international law because the trade deals we make with other nations demand it. We can’t just ignore international law because we are the United States, the world’s superpower.

One thing I do know is this: the Texas Department of Public Safety are terrorists with badges that believe that they can get away with their acts of terrorism against pro-choice protesters. They may well be right as Texas law has never been applied equally to all of its people since Bush left for the White House in 2001.

The terrorists at the Texas Department of Public Safety proved everyone worldwide who really should be under the jail: them.