Not this crap again: Woman illegally kicked out of New York City restaurant for being topless

by jovan1984

NEW YORK CITY — A 19-year-old woman who was doing model shots was illegally kicked out of a restaurant for being topless.

Cheyenne Lutek decided to go topless in the name of women’s equality.

“It’s not my personality as a model to be embarrassed of my body. I feel like no woman should be embarrassed of her body or ashamed to show it,” she said.

That was enough for Verso, a “trendy” restaurant located in East Village, to remove her — even though it is now illegal in the State of New York for a business to remove a person from a place they have a right to be simply for being nude or topless, the latter of which was Ms. Lutek.

A veteran of the 2003 Iraq war, Allen Henson, now a fashion photographer, didn’t get what all the fuss was about.

“Apparently everybody seems to like titties,” he said.

“This is just the first in a five part series. What’s going to happen the next time we go out? News helicopters circling over head?”

Mr. Henson was also kicked out.

They were both welcomed at a sushi bar with open arms earlier to begin the photo shoot.

“The first place we went to, everyone was very excited. The staff was totally supportive,” said Mr. Henson.

Mr. Henson had choice words for Verso.

“For me, it’s kind of a selfish endeavor to juxtapose topless women in public places. And it’s kind of a woman’s issue,” he said.

Prior to the Supreme Court order last month (linked below), businesses were allowed to ban female toplessness and nudity. Businesses are not allowed anymore to implement policies banning nudity or female toplessness, although they can still require people to put shoes and socks on, as well as require men to put on a shirt. Businesses in New York can no longer require men to put on a bottom — not even underwear, however.

The New York Supreme Court dealt the city a crushing defeat for its gymnophobic and sexist ordinances about a month ago.

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