Bottom Line: THIS is why we fight against anti-choice laws!

by jovan1984

AUSTIN — When you think of wire coat hangers, or simply hangers, you think of something you put the clothes on that you are forced to wear due to extreme gymnophobia (the hatred of nudists or nudity) that is entrenched in American law.

Prior to January 22, 1973, they also served an additional purpose.

The hanger represent the women who were forced to get back-alley abortions because abortion was totally banned without exceptions in all 50 states prior to Roe vs. Wade.

While the display of a hanger was dormant for many, many years, it made its comeback into the government since 2011.

However, the pic above was just the most recent example of coat hangers being displayed as the symbol of death for so many women.

On April 25, 2004, as this photo below shows, Whoopi Goldberg pulled out a hanger during the March for Women’s Lives, which is the largest march on Washington to this day.

Every woman and girl should be required to look at a photo of a wire coat hanger while feminists describe what they were used for pre-1973.

[Amelia McDonell-Parry]