Ga. woman ID’ed as Aiken County’s latest traffic fatality

by jovan1984

Woman identified as fatality in I-20 crash

NORTH AUGUSTA — A 43-year-old Conyers, Ga. woman has been identified as the latest traffic fatality in Aiken County.

Coroner Tim Carlton said that Andrea Powell was on her way back home to the Rockdale County seat from Fort Bragg, N.C. when she hit the back of a tractor trailer as it was stopped in a construction zone.

She died almost immediately from her injuries.

The speed in which Ms. Powell was going is believed to have been a factor.

The driver of the big rig was uninjured.

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Rapey Brochure pulled from Shaw

SUMTER — The Air Force today did something that almost all of us wanted them to do, pull a brochure that offered pro-rapey advice for sexual assault victims.

The brochure, which ignited the feminist webosphere, called for victims of rape to submit to their attackers.

“We have reviewed the Shaw Air Force Base brochure you mentioned in your letter,” Jessica Wright, acting undersecretary of defense, wrote to Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) on June 20. “We share your concerns over some of the materials presented, and the Air Force has withdrawn the brochure from circulation.”

For those who may have forgotten, the brochure said this:

“If you are attacked, it may be advisable to submit than to resist. You have to make this decision based on circumstances. Be especially careful if the attack has a weapon.”

The brochure also suggested that if an individual is accosted in a parking lot, “consider rolling underneath a nearby auto and scream loud. It is difficult to force anyone out from under a car.”

“No service member wearing the uniform of the United States military should ever be told ‘it may be advisable to submit than to resist’ in the case of a sexual assault,” said Rep. Slaughter in a statement. “I am cautiously optimistic about the Pentagon’s agreement to review all sexual assault prevention materials. We have to change the military culture if we want to stop this epidemic of sexual assault, and this response is a step in the right direction and a small victory for victims.”

As many as 26,000 servicepeople were raped from January 1 to December 30, 2012.

[WLTX News 19]

Richland County man arrested for raping woman while she was sleeping

COLUMBIA — A man was arrested at the Wal-Mart on Bush River Rd for raping a woman 32 hours earlier.

The rape took place on Monday morning.

Around 5:05 Monday, the suspect smashed his way into the victim’s home and forced her to perform a sex act on him. Officers say he then forced her to drive him to a nearby ATM.

The victim noticed people in the area and honked the car’s horn to get their attention. The suspect then fled.

He was captured around 13:03 today.

Anthony Tyrone Dervin, 47, of Columbia, was arrested and charged with burglary, first-degree rape and kidnapping. He is at the Richland County Detention Center.

[WLTX News 19]

Misogynistic Wis. abortion law blocked

MADISON, WI — A law that was quietly and stealthily signed by Gov. Scott Walker that could shut down women’s health centers and lead to massive job losses was blocked by US District Judge Bill Conley on Monday night.

The law would require that all women’s health care centers in Wisconsin to get admitting privileges from at least one hospital within 30 miles of the clinic. Such a law opens the hospital up to the anti-choice campaign of terror since it lacks a provision that prohibits hospitals from denying the clinics of the admitting privileges they need to keep their doors open — and more importantly, for people to keep their jobs, and thus, to keep from going on the government dole.

Judge Conley wrote that the requirement unconstitutionally restricts abortion access and unconstitutionally treats abortion providers differently from other doctors. He explained that the US Supreme Court has ruled that states must prove that restrictions on abortion rights must serve the mother’s health and “the record to date strongly supports a finding that no medical purpose is served by this requirement.” On the contrary, the bill would have forced a Planned Parenthood in Appleton and the Affiliated Medical Services clinic in Milwaukee to close, requiring dozens of women with abortions scheduled for this week to cancel appointments, and making abortions unavailable north of Madison.

North Carolina is trying to send a similar law to Gov. Pat McCrory’s desk by July 16.

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