Another wife-beater with a badge: Columbia Police Officer fired, arrested for domestic violence and DWI

by jovan1984

COLUMBIA — Here is another sexual abuser with a badge who should make every woman’s “We’re Breaking Up” list.

Columbia Police Department officer Gerald Atkinson, 41, was arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence and DWI.

He was fired today from CPD, according to interim Police Chief Ruben Santiago.

The domestic violence charges are from incidences of hitting his spouse in both Lexington and Richland counties. The DWI charge is from Lexington County, only.

Chief Santiago released this statement:

“We as police officers are held to a higher standard in the public’s eye. We need to adhere to the laws that we are sworn to uphold. There are no excuses. The Columbia Police Department will only have outstanding officers serve citizens, and nothing less. These are serious allegations that have been brought to our attention.”

I’ve written numerous blogposts about officers committing domestic violence and sexual assault. From Allendale, to Anderson, to New York City; officer-involved domestic disputes are especially heinous because the victim of the sexual abuse may be afraid to tell law enforcement about the incident, because the abuser works for the police.

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