Not this crap again: ‘Florida’ spelled incorrectly twice on FDOT sign created by out-of-state contractor

by jovan1984


JACKSONVILLE, FL — Last year, I brought misspelled signs to the attention of the world here in South Carolina.

Now, there is an egregious misspelling of signage, this time, in Florida.

Take a closer look at the new exit sign Florida Department of Transportation was going to install at J. Turner Butler Blvd and Interstate 95.

Florida is misspelled … TWICE. Once in UNF the next in Florida State College.

First Coast News talked to the DOT. Turns out the sign manufacturer in Arkansas, who has the contract, screwed this up.

Misspelled signs are the scourges of the road, because of the disrespect to the drivers such signs show. In the 373 days since I caught the misspelled sign in Williston, seems like the sign makers do NOT know how to spell anything right anymore. Here is a list of some of the signs I’ve saw misspelled since June 27, 2012 — none of these signs have been replaced to this day:

“MATTHEWS ST” is spelled as “MATHEWS ST” in Williston.
“ELLENTON ST” is spelled as “ELLINGTON ST” in Barnwell.
“Fairgrounds” is spelled as “Fairgroungs” in Columbia.
“HAYNE AV” is displayed as “HAYNE SV” on a sign in Aiken.
“LAKE MURRAY BLVD” is spelled as “LAKE MURREY BLVD” in Columbia.
“REYNOLDS RD” is spelled as “RENYOLDS RD” in Blackville.
“FELLOWSHIP RD” is spelled as “FELL0WSHIP RD” in Williston (yes, that sign, in Proper Case, actually has the numeral ZERO on it, instead of an “o”).

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