Mount Airy man arrested for scamming woman

by jovan1984

Man arrested for scamming woman in North Central North Carolina

MOUNT AIRY — A man is behind bars after scamming a woman out of $100.00 and a vehicle recently.

On May 4, Amadour Winery held a raffle that consisted of contestants purchasing $100 raffle tickets. The prize was a Fiat automobile.

Amadour Winery’s owner said that one of the requirements to win the Fiat was to “…toss a Frisbee completely through both windows of the car to be eligible to win.” The toss would have been from a point estimated to be about 30 yards, or roughly one-third of a football field.

Several people who won the raffle tickets disputed the requirement as they pointed to a Mount Airy News article not mentioning anything about a Frisbee toss.

A female participant was given her refund of $100.00 recently.

“I’m so thankful that the people in the town have stood behind me and have cheered me on, just for the little guy,” she said. “Good for Mt. Airy. Good for Mt. Airy. We don’t need people like this going around scamming everybody for money. We work too hard for it and hey, hey I’m happy!”

David Chaloupka, 47, was arrested and charged with one count of obtaining property by false pretense.

The female victim said after his arrest, “I’m really pleased. I’m glad justice was served. We’ll see what happens July 11th in court because I’ll be sitting right in the front row watching.”

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50 Cent arrested for domestic violence

LOS ANGELES — A well-known rapper who was shot nine times as a boy was arrested on June 23 for criminal domestic violence.

Thirty-seven-year old Curtis Jackson, also known as 50 Cent, was arrested on a single count of criminal domestic violence and four counts of vandalism.

During an argument, the woman told Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies, Mr. Jackson began destroying her property before she locked herself into her bedroom. The woman said Mr. Jackson then kicked the bedroom door in and kicked everything around him, including her — causing an injury to her.

The property damage is estimated to be around $7,100.00.

The woman had been in a three year relationship with Mr. Jackson before breaking up with him recently.

Mr. Jackson is due in court on July 22. If convicted of all the charges against him, he can be sent to jail for five years and be fined up to $46,000.00.

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