In (near-) world record time, anti-choice special session is recessed in 28 minutes!

by jovan1984

AUSTIN — It took only 28 minutes for the #feministarmy to do what they always wanted to do: stop the anti-choice special session.

Massive protests swirled outside the capital as the same group of liberty-lovers that made trips as long as 633 miles away came to send the message to Dictator Rick Perry: they’re not going away and they will remember.

“I’m always part of the unruly mob. We refuse to be ruled,” said liberty lover Lainie Duro, who showed up with a stack of feminist literature and sex education books. “Poor women, women of color, rural women. If they need abortion they will not be able to get an abortion. Health care in Texas is already difficult for people in poverty to access.”

Indeed it is, Ms. Duro. If Dictator Perry has his way, there will be absolutely no women’s health care providers anywhere to the west of Interstate 35 (or 35E).

Here is a photo of the pro-choice and anti-choice protests at the capital yesterday (I saved the image in .jpg format so I won’t have to post anymore than I needed to).

The actual unruly mob decided to adjourn for the Independence Day holiday instead of resorting to their daily mob-like tactics of ramming through unconstitutional legislation so that the unruly mob that is the Fifth Circuit can uphold a clearly unconstitutional law.