NOPE, NOPE, NOPE: Why the women of The Frisky and Cosmopolitan are creepy for ogling over a photo of a shirtless 14-year-old Channing Tatum

by jovan1984

If you have not noticed lately, there is a photo (I will not post it) of Channing Tatum circulating the internet that the eyes of creepy women everywhere can’t get enough of.

It’s a photo of a 14-year-old Mr. Tatum and he is topless.

Sure he has the same six-pack abs women adore about him now, but when this photo was shot, he was UNDERAGE.

Get it, women of The Frisky and women of Cosmopolitan? He was underage! Yes, I had to bold that sentence, since none of the women in your businesses understand!

Not only does ogling over this photo make you all grade-A creeps in every sense of the word by every respectable person out there, some may say that you are all pedophiles, since the minimum age of consent is 16.

How many people in New York would find it okay to ogle over the photo of a 14-year-old Zara Sprankles* (let alone a topless 14-year-old Zara), even though it is totally legal (as is public nudity) in New York?

That kind of hypocrisy is precisely why I am calling out these two women’s media empires in this post.

It is no less unacceptable for women to ogle over photos of a topless 14-year-old boy as it is for men to ogle over photos of a 15-year-old girl. In fact, given the near-daily occurrences of women teachers being arrested for sexually assaulting their male pupils, most people would say it should be even more unacceptable for women to ogle over a pic of Mr. Tatum at 14.

In closing: creepy is creepy and unacceptable is unacceptable. The creepy women of The Frisky and the creepy women of Cosmopolitan ought to be ashamed of themselves!

* – Mrs. Sprankles is one of the original seven Bad Girls from Oxygen’s The Bad Girls Club.