Man jailed for murdering Laurens County girlfriend

by jovan1984

Man jailed for murdering Laurens County woman

Beaty Jr.


CLINTON — A 29-year-old man is now in jail after he killed his girlfriend.

The Clinton Department of Public Safety said that the 19-year-old woman who was killed attended a party that was held by boyfriend, Michael Beaty Jr., 29. Drugs and alcohol were part of the party.

Director Chief Robin Morse says about an hour elapsed between when Mr. Beaty and the victim left the party and Mr. Beaty pulled up to his stepfather’s home with the victim barely alive in his car.

Police Chief Morse said that the victim died Saturday night after she was strangled.

Mr. Beaty Jr. has been arrested and charged by the Clinton Department of Public Safety with capital murder. William Alexander, 30, was arrested and charged Clinton Department of Public Safety with being an accessory after the fact to murder. Four others were arrested and charged by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office with contributing the delinquency of a minor. [WSPA-TV News Channel 7]

Men gun down woman in bakery

COLUMBIA — Columbia Police Department and Richland County Sheriff’s deputies are looking for three men who gunned down a woman at a bakery on Tommy Cir near Belt Line Blvd early this morning.

The 34-year-old woman was found dead by a neighbor. The mother of five children died from complications of a gunshot wound to the upper body or head.

Police say that at approximately 3:33 today, a trio of men entered the bakery. Witnesses said that they could hear visible screaming by the woman, then gunshots.

Call the Richland Sheriff’s Department, the Columbia PD or Crimestoppers at 1-888-274-6373. [WLTX-HD News 19]

[WIS-TV News 10]

Man rapes woman and sits on infant afterwards

CONWAY — A man was arrested and charged with raping a woman and sitting on her infant son afterwards and law enforcement has a lot of evidence in their bags.

The 19-year-old woman told cops that she went to a female friend’s house to spend some time with her Saturday night and Sunday morning. The friend later left that house after a while and the victim was left alone with the suspect and his parents, who were asleep in their own room.

Later, the pair ended up in the suspect’s room where “the arrestee began trying to kiss her and she told him ‘no,'” Horry County Police said in a log.

That is when the incident took a violent turn.

“The victim advised that the arrestee threw her down, hit her in the head, took her clothes off and forced her to have sex,” police said.

“When the arrestee stopped, the victim called her parents to pick her up, when the arrestee looked at her 10-week-old child sleeping on the couch in the living room and intentionally sat on the child.”

The victim left the residence with her baby and waited on her parents to pick them both up.

The child was not harmed. The victim had scratches and bruises.

Victoriano Carranza, 21, of Dorchester Rd, was arrested and charged with first degree rape and assault and battery 2nd degree.

His boxers were collected as evidence; as were the victim’s shirts, which were located on the floor of the bedroom; a pair a women’s underwear that was observed in the top drawer of Mr. Carranza’s chest of drawers, which was open; and the comforter on Mr. Carranza’s bed. [WBTW-TV News 13]

Charlotte mayor resigns to become first African-American head of the FHWA

CHARLOTTE — There will be a new mayor in the Queen City.

Anthony Foxx officially resigned today as the Mayor of Charlotte to take over as the head of the FHWA, the agency that is responsible for writing the standards for Street Name signs and other signs.

Mayor Foxx was at the government center Monday with his wife and two children when they entered the meeting chamber, the full house gave them a standing ovation and cheered for several minutes.

Each of the council members who attended the meeting had kind words for Foxx and his family.

James Mitchell Jr. and David Howard complimented him and his “passion” for the city.

LaWana Mayfield and Jon Autry talked about the honor of working with Foxx on council.

Autry even said it has been “one of the high points of my existence on this planet.”

Claire Fallon joked with Foxx about their ideological differences, but smiled and told him, “Make us proud.”

The US Senate confirmed Foxx as the new FHWA head by a 98-0 count, a rare show of unity in an otherwise ideologically polarized Congress.

[WSOC-HD 9 Eyewitness News]