Gymnophobic Horry County ‘law enforcers’ illegally arresting law-abiding, out-of-state citizens for nudity even while they are bathing inside of their hotel rooms

by jovan1984

MYRTLE BEACH — The out-of-control Gymnophobic Morality Cops of Horry County have struck again.

This time, it is the Gymnophobic Myrtle Beach Police Department.

One more law-abiding out of state citizen – Tenisha Blair, 34, of Shelby, N.C. – was illegally arrested, make that literally kidnapped, by the Myrtle Beach Police Department and held captive at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center in Conway.  This, despite the fact that Ms. Blair was actually fully clothed.

South Carolina has some of the most extreme gymnophobic laws on the books and the gymnophobia here in South Carolina is a lot worse than the Ku Klux Klan’s racism and about as bad as the homophobia both here and in New York City.

South Carolina’s ‘public decency’ laws allows for cops to arrest law-abiding citizens, even in the privacy of citizens’ own homes, if they are nude for any reason – even if they are bathing.  Which explains one out of state Disqus commenter’s rant on articles in the State newspaper about South Carolinians not bathing (forgot his name now, since the State newspaper wants people to pay to comment on their stories). He is right – our gymnophobic laws don’t end at our doorsteps – they can arrest you just for bathing inside of your own home.

We’ve seen examples of this kind of systematic gymnophobia in nearly every law that the state has – as well as all other states in America.

It is time that the state defunds the Horry County law enforcement agencies – and it is time for all of us who truly respect civil rights to boycott Horry County until they STOP illegally arresting people simply for being nude in public!