Woman convicted of burning own business down

by jovan1984

Hartsville woman convicted of burning down Jack Be Nimble

DARLINGTON — A 47-year-old woman was found guilty of burning down her own business and lying about crimes to police.

In a trial that threatened to inflame hatred against minorities in Darlington County, a jury found forty-seven year old Claudette Hulsey guilty of all charges against her – including arson and filing a false report of a felony to police.

The jury determined that it was her, not African-Americans, that burned down her own business, called Jack Be Nimble, in 2011.

“She claims two black men dumped her purse on the floor while they were attacking her and raping her. They didn’t take cash or credit cards out of the purse. They didn’t take her driver’s license. They would dump the contents of her purse on floor, but don’t take it?” said the state.

“Mrs. Hulsey, these were not just crimes against an insurance company,” said Judge Thomas Cooper before handing down his sentence. “These were crimes against the people of Hartsville, Darlington County and the state of South Carolina. They were denied the full extent of police protection due to the resources unavailable due to the law enforcements’ efforts to find suspects that did not exist.”

“This was a crime against innocent people,” Judge Cooper continued. “There were many people caught up in a sweep for suspects by law enforcement. If they had found an African-American male with a scar on his chin and DNA that was not ruled inconclusive, I might very well be talking to him today instead of you.”

She was sent to jail for 3 years.  You can now breathe easy, people of color in Darlington County. [Florence Morning News]

NTSB now investigating Fairfield train collapse

FAIRFIELD, CT — The National Transportation Safety Board is now investigating Friday’s train derailment.

Saturday night, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority was authorized by the NTSB to begin removing the damaged and destroyed cars from the track.  About 18 in all have been removed to date.

The NTSB has ruled out foul play in the derailment.

Starting Monday, commuters who normally park at stations to the east of Bridgeport to head south toward Fairfield and New York will have to use other transportation to get around the blocked tracks, or drive to already crowded stations like South Norwalk or Stamford to park and ride.

That could clog Interstate 95 – which is already clogged up from Lorton, Va. to Portland, Maine, including in Fairfield – even more.

“You should begin making plans … for alternate travel,” Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said at a Saturday morning briefing near the site of the crash.

Three people are still in critical condition as of 13:00. [Hartford Courant]

Thong protest draws even more opponents to Weiner’s war on nudists

SAN FRANCISCO — In the first forced clothing event in San Francisco, thousands of supporters from around the world showed up to protest San Francisco’s unconstitutional ban on public nudity.

The thong parade was held on Saturday, the day before the famous Bay to Breakers foot race event.  This allowed out-of-town, out-of-state and international race attendees to show their support public nudity and show their displeasure with a completely out-of-touch San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

The event was held at Jane Warner Plaza at noon local time (15:00 Eastern Daylight Time).  They “hung out” in the plaza to send the message that body freedom is not dead just because of some gymnophobic ordinance.

Gypsy Taub, Mitch Hightower, Rusty Mills and George Davis; the four plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the city, also participated.  Ms. Taub brought a collection of pro-nudity signs for the crowd to carry. [NUDE-IN]

Bill that would ban female toplessness and breastfeeding in North Carolina killed for the year

RALEIGH — A bill that did not get as much attention as the anti-choice bills has been killed as it failed to make the deadline after outrage against the proposal steadily grew in four months.

A bill that would outlaw both female toplessness and breastfeeding was left to die on Friday, the day that all bills must pass one chamber in order to still be considered.  The bill was sponsored by radical fascist Rep. Tim Moffitt (R-Buncombe County), a crony of gymnophobic San Francisco Board of Supervisor Scott Weiner on the other side of the nation.

The bill, if passed, would have modified the existing indecent exposure law – already unconstitutional since it bans public nudity by men – to include a woman’s nipple and, if anyone complained, breastfeeding.

No doubt that this bill will be brought back from the dead next year by Rep. Moffitt. [WNCN]