News Briefs: Fox Creek principal likely to be investigated + NoVa couple illegally arrested by North Myrtle Beach PD

by jovan1984

Fox Creek principal to be under investigation soon

NORTH AUGUSTA — The principal of Fox Creek High School is under investigation and have hired attorneys in Columbia.

Dr. Tim Murph has been put on administrative leave with pay.  The Fox Creek School Board is not giving the reason for their decision.  This is a big scandal in the making, sadly. [Edgefield Daily]

Gosnell convicted of killing three (actual) babies at gross clinic

PHILADELPHIA — A jury has found quack Kermit Gosnell guilty of killing three (actual born) babies at his clinic.

The trial concluded today with the quack’s conviction on three murder charges stemming from the deaths at his clinic.  Planned Parenthood’s Pennsylvania affiliates brought the unsanitary conditions of Mr. Gosnell’s clinic to the attention of then-Gov. Ed Rendell, but his administration did nothing about it.

Mr. Gosnell now faces the death penalty after the conviction. [Huffington Post Crime]

Rock Hill man arrested immediately after bonding out of jail for breaking into ex-girlfriend’s home

ROCK HILL — A Rock Hill man is immediately back in jail just hours after bonding out.

Twenty-nine year old William Fields was arrested for breaking and entering charges, rape, and violation of a no contact order.  York County Sheriff’s deputies believe that he climbed onto a giant green garbage can, jumped the roof, and swung into a second floor window on Friday morning.

His bond may be revoked this week. [WRDW News 12]

Jamesville substitute teacher arrested for biting ex-girlfriend’s ear

GREENVILLE, NC — A substitute teacher has been arrested and charged with biting his ex-girlfriend’s ear.

“We received a call that a lady was being held against her will in the car with a male subject. During that time he was held against her will for approximately 2 hours,” said Pitt County Sheriff Neil Elks.

The man is 39 year old Twymon Arnold, of Jamesville.  He and his ex-girlfriend met at a school in Roper and immediately started arguing.

He then held the Beaufort, N.C. woman captive for two hours and bit part of her ear off.  She eventually convinced him to let her go.

“We took out warrants on him he was arrested in Plymouth by the local police department there,” said Sheriff Elks.

WNCT captured video of Mr. Arnold’s arrival at the Pitt Detention Center earlier today.  He tried to avoid their cameras.

Washington County School Board suspended Mr. Arnold indefinitely with no pay. [WNCT]

Couple illegally arrested in North Myrtle Beach for being nude

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH — A Northern Virginia couple were illegally arrested by North Myrtle Beach police and charged with public nudity.

Police said that a person on ‘patrol’ discovered a Fairfax, Va. man and a Potomac Falls, Va. woman without clothes on at 2:45 on Sunday morning.

The couple said that they decided to go skinny dipping and their clothes were missing when they returned on land.

Kyle Martin Schnoebelen of Fairfax, Va., and Jasmine Kim Walton of Potomac Falls, Va., both 22 or 23, were illegally arrested by the North Myrtle Beach Police Department and charged with being legally nude at 2:45 am on Sunday.  Now, they will be going through South Carolina’s kangaroo courts, which is just as bad as San Francisco’s kangaroo courts.