Female reporters belong in the men's locker rooms – and male reporters belong in the women's locker room

by jovan1984

Recently, hockey reporter Don Cherry said something that literally made my skin crawl.

He said that female reporters should not be allowed in the men’s locker room.

To that, I say nonsense.

I am not gonna spend a whole lot of time on this, since I really want to get to why men must be allowed access to the women’s locker room.

It is 2013, not 1983

Since around the time I was born (in 1984), women have been allowed in the men’s locker room – famed female sports writer Christine Brennan even wrote a book about her experiences when she covered the Washington Redskins.

Since Mrs. Brennan, we’ve seen Hannah Storen, Rachel Nichols, and other women go into the men’s (and boys’) locker rooms to interview athletes with no problem.

So, why all the fuss now?

In a word, the men’s rights echo chamber has infiltrated a lot of our culture in North America.

Let me say this: women absolutely belong in the men’s locker room.  It’s been happening since 1984 here in the States and that is not going away.

And that brings me to why I am posting this.

Sexism against men is why male reporters are not allowed in women’s locker rooms in most of North America

Only fairly recently (in the late 2000s) have some media outlets allowed male reports to be in women’s locker rooms.  Most others, including most of the Canadian media, still have a ban on male journalists being in women’s locker rooms, which Mr. Cherry also (and rightfully) brought up in his sexist rant.

Banning male reporters from women’s (and girls’) locker rooms is also a major problem and endemic of the deep sexism – and hypocrisy from women oh by the way – that still permeates in our society.

Journalists are there to do their jobs, not to ogle over the asses and (in the case of women) titties of the athletes.  Some of the female journalists are being unprofessional when they go into men’s locker rooms, no doubt.  But, most do their jobs.

Yes, Amanda Cupido has a point that a majority of sports journalists are men.  But, that is no longer an excuse for barring male journalists from women’s locker rooms.

She also has a point in that media should not be in the shower stalls at all under any circumstances.  It is just common sense, which, unfortunately, is in very short supply these days.

So, why are male journalists not allowed for the most part to be in women’s locker rooms?

In short, sexism in our society is exactly why.

What’s good for the gander is good for the goose.

It is 2013 and it is past high time for the women athletes and our mainstream media to open up the women’s locker rooms to male journalists.

Just as female reporters absolutely belong in the men’s locker rooms, male reporters absolutely belong in the women’s locker rooms.

Anyone who opposes having either gender in the locker room of athletes of the opposite gender needs to grow the fuck up.  That includes Mr. Cherry and other men like him – as well as those who object to having male reporters in women’s locker rooms.