Female-on-male domestic violence in Johnston: Abusive girlfriend murders former South Carolina State football player

by jovan1984

Ashley Butler has been arrested and charged with murdering a former SC State defensive tackle.

JOHNSTON — A former South Carolina State football player is dead and his abusive girlfriend is in jail charged with killing him.

The shooting happened on late Friday morning, when Edgefield County Sheriff’s Department and Johnston Police Office detectives responded to the shooting on LANIER RD.  The 25-year-old man laid the gun down for a split second to cool off when Ashley Butler, 23, picked it up and waited for him to return to the room where the gun was located.  At that point Ms. Butler picked up the gun and waited on the man to return to the room. “As soon as he cleared the doorway she shot him,” Chief Aston said. The man was hit at least once close to his heart and fell and exited through the carport and collapsed. “She (Butler) said she fired once or twice, but we have three spent casings,” Aston said. The man was unarmed at the time of the shooting.

The man was taken to the hospital were he was pronounced dead within an hour.  His parents, and others, were in the waiting room when they received the news of his passing.  A preliminary autopsy was performed on him on Saturday in Newberry.

The gun was recovered and and showed that three bullets were empty.  Investigators were able to collect at least one of the bullets fired from the gun, possibly lodged in a door frame.  The bullet that struck the man is said to have entered the chest around the heart and exited through his back, though the official autopsy report is due on Monday and will have more details on this domestic violence slaying.

The man was shot at least twice, possibly thrice.

Ms. Butler was taken to the Johnston Police Office where she asked for a lawyer, an incident report stated. A couple hours later she was taken into custody and transported to the Edgefield County Jail for booking. Warrants will be cut on Monday.

Johnston Police Chief Aston said the evidence and Butler’s story are not adding up.  “I spoke with the State Solicitor’s Office and we agreed to file the charges,” Aston said.

Amos and Sons Funeral Home will be in charge of arrangements once the man’s body has been released.

This is the first murder in Johnston and Edgefield County in 2013.

The couple had two children, although they were never married.  Those children were said to have been turned over to family members and were in the home at the time of the shooting.  It is unknown if they witnessed the incident.

The man was a former defensive tackle for the South Carolina State Bulldogs from 2006-2009.