Price Wise is a total loss in fire (Video + Photo)

by jovan1984

WILLISTON — A fire early this morning (about three hours before opening time) has completely destroyed one of the town’s two grocers.

Price Wise, on 12889 MAIN ST, was in flames early this morning and now, nothing is left of it except for the charred front of the store.

Investigators with the Williston Police Office say that 25 people are out of a job, and the timing of this massive fire could not have been worse.

The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (SCDEW) has been forced to shutter locations in smaller locations like Bamberg and Hampton due to state budget cuts and the national sequester.  The sequester, along with legislation in the conservative-dominated general assembly in Columbia, also could force the agency to deny unemployment benefits to the victims of this fire.

The Town of Williston says that they will rebuild the building, as it did have fire and flood insurance.

Via WJBF-DT NewsChannel 6.

UPDATE @ 9:31: Added info from the Williston PO.
UPDATE @ 12:51: Added info from the town.
UPDATE @ 21:31: Raw video of the fire, h/t to YouTube user bluedevildude1993 for this.