Wagener Massacre: 366 days later

by jovan1984

WAGENER — It was a trigger moment that I would not soon forget.

366 days ago, on July 2, 2011, I read and saw breaking news reports that three women were killed. A fourth was later killed. And the killer committed suicide.

The killer was Kenneth Myers. The four victims were Vicki Brown, 50; twin sisters Tabitha Brown and Angela Myers, both 25; and Esther Baldwin, 47.

All of them had at least one bullet to the vital head region. Three of the four of them from the same family – a mother and both her daughters. Two of them twins. Two of them, Mr. Myers had relationships with.

In so many ways, this killing resembled two other mass killing spree across North America – the massacre at Bridgefield, Pa. on August 4, 2009 and the killing of 14 women at a Quebec college, some of them being women’s studies majors.

In each of those three killings, women were targeted.

While most of America plan on using fireworks and guns to celebrate Independence Day, let’s stand in silence for the women who are victims of misogynistic violence.