Misogynistic murders in Wagener

by jovan1984

WAGENER — Four women, ranging in age from 25 to 50 are were gunned down by a man named Kenneth Myers, who later killed himself.

Here is the latest from the Aiken Standard:

The other victims were Myers’ wife, 25-year-old Angela M. Myers, her twin sister Tabitha T. Brown and their mother, 50-year-old Vicki May Hook Brown, according to Coroner Tim Carlton. The bodies were discovered by authorities at a home on Daytona Road around 6 p.m.

The last victim who was found was Myers’ ex-wife 47-year-old Esther Baldwin at a Big Branch Road home around 1 a.m., Carlton said.

All women were said to have each died from a single gunshot wound.

According to WRDW News 12, Mr. Meyers was planning well in advance to harm women. Which makes this quadruple murder all the more misogynistic. The shootings in Wagener is very similar to one in Bridgeville, Pa. where one misogynist gunned down several women at a gym on August 4, 2009. With one notable exception: Myers knew his victims, George Sodini did not.

Sadly, misogynistic violence has now hit Wagener. Just like it has all those other times before in many other places in this nation. Jessica Valenti was right 23 months ago: this is a culture-wide problem.

UPDATE at 22:51: Added some detail to the post. Also, a video from WRDW interviewing Ms. Baldwin’s family is below: