America’s Culture of Misogyny claims 4 more victims, gets more extreme with each passing birthday

by jovan1984

WAGENER — Today is Independence Day. And for America’s women, it just may well be another day on the Calendar, not even worth celebrating.

On the 235th birthday of this nation, women in America are being enslaved and slaughtered by misogynistic ‘culture warriors’ in the far right wing Republican and Tea parties at an alarming rate.

And alarmingly, America’s culture of misogyny is being embraced, supported and endorsed by millions and millions of people — including celebrities and politicians — from coast to coast.

Even after four women in Wagener was gunned down by a misogynistic control freak on Saturday.

The shootings in Wagener are the latest example of America’s violent misogynistic society that has been out of control for eight years now. And not only that, but the Culture of Misogyny is getting more extreme by the day.

Kenneth Myers, 47, may have been the one to pull the trigger five times. But, he is not the only one to blame for what happened on Daytona Rd in northern Aiken County on Saturday.

Our entire misogynistic culture is to blame for what went down on Saturday.

We are more than willing to fight misogynistic leaders in the Middle East, but when it comes to fighting misogynistic leaders (and people) at home — whether it is in Aiken County, Edgefield County, Columbia or in Washington, DC — very few people are willing to get up off their sorry asses and confront the misogynistic right wing extremists exterminating women right here at home. That is where the hypocrisy come in.

Every person who supports anti-choice laws are indirectly responsible for the massacre in Wagener. Every person who opposes the Equal Rights Amendment, who opposes laws that help women get on equal footing with men like myself and who opposes the expansion of laws curbing domestic violence are also indirectly responsible for the massacre in Wagener.

In short, America’s misogynistic culture, which claimed four more lives on Saturday, is responsible for the massacre that took place on Daytona Rd.

Instead of firing up the barbecues today, take a moment to think about the ways in which you can put an end to America’s Culture of Misogyny.