W-E get their rings

by jovan1984

WILLISTON — The rings have finally arrived.

Two and a half months after polishing off the first perfect season since 1979, the South Carolina High School League Class A Division II state championship rings arrived at the Williston-Elko District Auditorium at 12255 MAIN STREET on Monday night — less than six hours after the Drama team ‘struck’ the stage and took down the creations for the weekend’s Beauty and the Beast performance.

The Blue Devils state title win is still the talk of the towns of Williston, Elko and Windsor long after November 27. In fact, that is talked about more than the Super Bowl and Sunday’s upcoming Daytona 500 event.

The crowd filled the auditorium, cheering over the highlights and long before the football team was presented with the rings.

“That’s why we are state champions,” said W-E head football coach and athletic director Dwayne Garrick after viewing the Powerpoint presentation. “Now time for the bling bling.”

School board chairman Calvin Melton brought his old jersey from 1969 — the season that the Blue Devils won their first title — to the ceremony. But, he didn’t wear it.

“We are a unique group of people,” said Mr. Melton to the football team. “There have been only four championships in Williston.”

Superintendent Alexis Clamp thought about dressing in something special.

“I thought I would wear my cheerleading outfit from 1968 but I didn’t think crowd would be ready for that,” said Mrs. Clamp.

Well, I wished that Mrs. Clamp had worn her 1968 cheerleading outfit. Those outfits are a lot more conservative than the uniforms that the Blue Devil cheerleaders currently wear. There should be no shame in having a 60-year-old female superintendent show her spirit by wearing her old uniform.

Well, that’s that. Way to go, Devils!