My letter in today’s Augusta Chronicle

by jovan1984

My letter appears in today’s newspaper. I usually will post just the link, but this time, I will post the whole letter here (with breaks at the appropriate points):

While at his church on Sunday, Dr. George Tiller was assassinated by Scott Roeder, an anti-choice terrorist who had been plotting to assassinate OB-GYNs who performed abortions for over five years.

These acts of terrorism against those who performed abortions began in 1982. The acts of terrorism against Dr. Tiller began less than three years later in 1985. Prior to Dr. Tiller’s assassination on Sunday — after 24 years of anti-choice violence, he was harassed and stalked — and his women’s health clinic bombed on numerous occasions. The acts of terrorism also included anti-choice activists leaking the addresses of not just the women’s clinics themselves, but also leaking the addresses of the doctors who worked at these clinics and the addresses of the doctor’s family members, thereby putting not just the doctor, but also the doctor’s entire family in grave danger.

The anti-choice movement claims that they support nonviolence protests. We now know that they are lying when they say that. Also the ‘condemnation’ coming from the anti-choice groups are totally insincere and is a way from these groups to avoid taking responsibility for the events that led to Dr. Tiller’s assassination. This was a deliberate act of domestic terrorism. The FBI and the Department of Justice should get involved in this case.